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Stock Management & Ordering POS Integration Benefits

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Stock management and ordering are so crucial to hospitality. These software integrations can make or break your business because they affect almost every part of your hospitality venue.

Here, we provide the key benefits of integrating your stock management and ordering processes into your POS system and list our quality stock management and ordering system integrations:

3 Benefits of Integrating Stock Management & Ordering Systems with Your POS

Keeps everything on Your POS*

Integrating stock management and ordering functions with your POS system allows you to coordinate all the processes via one centralised location, no matter the scale of your venue.

Having all this information in one location means you can monitor your inventory, sort out your stock orders, pay your suppliers’ invoices, manage your purchase orders, research vendor information and much more.

Real time syncing**

Merging your stock management with your POS system gives you and your staff up-to-the-minute accuracy over stock levels. Whenever you take an order, your stock levels will adjust accordingly.

With this feature, you’ll never run out of a key ingredient again, you’ll never have to go red-raced to a customer to explain you’ve run out of their favourite dish and you won’t have to worry about over-ordering and having to chuck it weeks later when it expires.

Complete control

If you’ve been in the hospitality business for a while, you probably remember the days of scrounging around for an important invoice or a misplaced purchase order. Luckily, those days are over because an integrated stock system gives you complete control.

Use your POS terminal to email suppliers, log all your transactions and to manage the whole ordering process. When you receive orders, you can even scan the barcodes to log and update your inventory automatically.

*Not all stock management and ordering systems are available via your POS; some are hosted on a separate platform. **Similarly, not all systems feature real-time syncing. Call Impos on 1300308615 to discuss more about these benefits.

Popular Stock Management & Ordering POS Integrations

The three benefits discussed above will save you time and money, keep your customers happier and help you to make better business decisions; they’re pretty attractive benefits.

But there are numerous stock management software providers out there, which can make the choice a hard decision to make. Here are a few of our preferred providers, which often specialise in different types or size of hospitality venues. Read on to find the perfect solution for you.

Ezy Systems

An end-to-end management system specifically for wineries, Ezy Systems streamlines your winery’s needs into one comprehensive package.

Order everything you need to stay on top of your vineyard management, from the farm maintenance to the cellar, the vines to the bottling, through to the bits and pieces for cellar door sales and tasting platters, you can do it all with Ezy System’s integration.

With Ezy Systems, you can keep track of all your ingoings and outgoings and keep your wines flowing!

Invoice Ripper

Sick of manually inputting data into your computer? Tired of purchase orders and invoices that don’t match up? Then the simplicity and ease of Invoice Ripper might be for you.

Invoice Ripper does the basics well. It sends and receives orders electronically, comparing them against each other to ensure they match. You can also easily request credit notes and pull out key reports at will.

One unique feature that can save you plenty of time is the ability to export PDF invoices straight into a program you can approve and send for payment in your accounting system.

Cooking the Books

Cooking the Books is much more than a clever name. It’s an Aussie kitchen management tool that’s been designed by chefs for chefs, making it an ideal solution for cafes and restaurants.

Like the other software programs, Cooking the Books handles stock control, order sheets, electronic ordering and invoices and allows easy alterations to food overspends or recommended sell prices.

The recipe cards feature is handy. It allocates recipe ingredients for your dishes down to the smallest gram, as well as the estimated labour cost. This gives you an insight of costs, allowing you to reduce wastage and identify where you can make savings.

Drinking the Profits

A sister company to Cooking the Books, Drinking the Profits, as the name suggests, is designed to control the beverage costs of your bar. It provides hospitality owners with the control and consistency needed.

Drinking the Profit provides a complete and in-depth awareness of the cost of beverages leaving your bar while allowing you to reduce wastage and identify where you can make savings. You can also sync your stock levels accurately by syncing sales generated in your POS terminal.

My Local Foodie

A 100% independent organisation, My Local Foodie aims to help you source the best quality ingredients at the best prices.The innovative software finds suppliers for you and costs your menu, simplifying the whole buying process and sourcing some of the best products from local farmers and producers.My Local Foodie can show you potential savings of switching suppliers or even where eliminating a few grams of an ingredient can save you plenty on the margins. And with daily re-costings to menus, recipes and ingredients, you’ll always feel in control.

Impos Stock

And then there’s Impos Stock, an in-house stock management and ordering integration catering to the hospitality industry.

Impos Stock gives you control over your stock in one place. Keep track of inventory with different units of measure and supplier, do stocktakes and adjustments, generate purchase orders based on stock level or sales performance and record what’s due to arrive from suppliers.

No matter which POS integration partner you decide to go with, a stock management and ordering system is such an effective way to save time and increase profit.

Read more about our stock management offerings here or check out our blog to find out more about other integrations or hospitality related news.