POS Systems in Hobart

Impos POS systems are built with the Hobart hospitality scene in mind. They’ve got everything you need to help you grow your business.

How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Venue in Hobart

Impos POS systems give you the safest, quickest, and most reliable point of sale around.



No more worrying about who has access to your system and information. Your Impos POS system runs on your own closed, internal network, meaning you know exactly who has access to your system, and where your data is stored.

Fast and powerful

Fast and powerful

Your venue is powered by one fast, powerful, centralised processor. A centralised system means your venue stays running at peak speed even during your busiest times. You’ll experience less lag and faster payment processing, and you’ll keep your lines moving.

Everything you need at the touch of a button

Everything you need at the touch of a button

We’ve partnered with all the third-party software integrations you need to give you the best POS system package around.

You get more customer payment options with Paypal, Tyro, and PC-EFTPOS, our cashless payment solutions.

Hospitality Start Up Guide & Checklist

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Why Hobart’s Hospitality Scene Chooses Impos

Our POS systems were born in the hospitality scene, and after more than a decade in the business, we know what a Hobart POS system needs.

The flexibility your venue needs

Our POS system lets you stay on top of any situation. With an Impos POS system, you can handle anything from moving tables during your peak service, to splitting the bill between a table of 10.

You can manage your stock levels and pricing right from your POS terminal, and take care of your ordering and invoicing. Whatever your needs, we’ve got a feature to help.

Superior staff tracking and rostering

Our time attendance capabilities allow you to manage and track your staff hours easier, with clock-in and clock-off done through the POS terminal. No more chasing signatures or guessing timesheets, everything is managed through your POS.

You can even create rosters based on sales information, meaning you’ll always have coverage during your busiest times.

Reports and ordering software help your business grow

Keeping a closer eye on your business means you’ll be able to see where you need to tighten up or make any changes in order to grow.

Our reporting platform, Impos Analytics , lets you get the most detailed information on every aspect of your business. You can:

  • Monitor your stock levels
  • Check your profitability
  • Track your staff performance
  • Compare sales by time and date, so you can determine where you need to make changes.

Our Inventory module gives you more oversight of your stock levels and use, so you can better manage your costs, reduce shrinkage and wastage, and increase your margins.

An Impos POS system gives you everything you need to keep your business on track.

Hobart Venues Benefiting from the Impos Point of Sale System

Impos has Hobart’s back. Our point of sale systems can be found in a range of Hobart venues, including restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, hotels and wineries:

  • Born in Brunswick
  • Daci and Daci Bakers
  • Pancho Villa
  • The Glass House
  • Winston Alehouse

Meet Impos – Your New POS Solution

Download Our Product Guide!

With the integrations, 24/7 support & reporting capabilities you need, Impos is the POS system to help you grow your business. Find out how we can cater to your venue.

Our POS Support

Our aim is to provide the best customer support to all venues in Hobart. Our POS support team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year—so no matter the time of day or night, you can speak to a member of our tech team in real-time.

With an average wait time of less than three minutes, we’ll get you speaking to one of our team, and up and running faster.

Choose your support

After you’ve confirmed your POS system and method of purchase, you choose the level of support that works for you.

You can select regular business hours support, or 24/7 premium or platinum support packages, so whether you run a daytime lunch bar, or a late night club, we’ve got you covered.

As a new Impos member you’re covered for the first 12 months, but you can choose to opt out of our support after this period ends. While this is an option, we find that over 95% of our customers choose to either continue or upgrade their support plan after this time.

How we support you

Our POS support and service staff aren’t just tech gurus. Our staff average over nine years of experience in the hospitality industry, so you’ll be speaking with someone who knows IT, but also understands how your business runs.

We can access your POS system instantly and remotely, ensuring that our promise to provide the best POS support and POS servicing in the industry is always fulfilled. We take pride in this commitment, so we’ll always be there for you, no matter when you call.

Talk to Us

Get in touch with our hospitality POS experts to see how Impos can help your business thrive.

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