POS Systems in Perth

The Impos Perth POS system is a powerful and robust point of sale system especially designed for the Perth hospitality industry.

How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Venue in Perth

Get the complete package

Get the complete package

Our POS system communicates with each piece of equipment needed to run your venue, meaning you get a full POS system in one package, so you can run your venue as smoothly as possible. From reporting, to accounting, stock management, rostering and payments, Impos POS has you covered.

Offer your customers something different

Offer your customers something different

Whether you’re in Subiaco or Cottesloe, offering your customers several payment options ranging from crash, credit and third-party options.

Better inventory and stock management

Better inventory and stock management

Track the items you sell directly from your supplier through to your customers with our POS ordering system. That way, you can keep on top of your margins and run your venue with less stress.

Create order sheets or variance reports in a snap, so you can spend less time spent accounting and more time looking after your customers.

Speak your customers's language

Speak your customers’ language

You know your customers better than anyone else, so why not give them something to talk about.

Drive same-day sales with Impos membership database software by marketing specials, incentives and rewards directly to your customers.

Generate more traffic for your slower times, with marketing strategies tailored specifically to your customers’ ordering habits.

Hospitality Start Up Guide & Checklist

Download Your FREE Hospitality Start Up Guide & Checklist

Looking to start a hospitality business? Get advice on venue location, hiring staff, industry regulations & more, plus use our simple checklist to help you on your way!

Why Perth’s Hospitality Scene Chooses Impos

A quicker, easier POS for your venue

Your new POS will finalise each transaction in a matter of moments, keeping your lines moving and your business thriving. Enjoy:

  • Quick navigation through customised menu designs
  • Absolutely no lag whatsoever
  • Fast ejecting cash drawers
  • Simple, unique functions

Whatever you need, however you can better serve you customers, Impos has a solution for you.

Flexibility where you need it most

The flexibility and reliability of the Impos POS system helps to run your venue more efficiently.

We give you a colour-coded floor map to indicate where your clients are in their dining experience, with a set of features to deal with everything from clients splitting the bill to moving to the window seat without telling you.

The full set of service features provided means the growing group of cyclists all wanting to pay separately is no problem at all.

Security bespoke to your needs

Your tailored drinks measurements can be configured to the millilitre in our inventory software to make sure that your levels meet your expectations every stocktake.

This, combined with our authority access, means that only authorised staff are using the right features so your stock and finances are secure.

Your nightclub POS can be synced to our camera solution, accessible from anywhere with a secure connection. Your venue’s security and POS operations have never been so visible.

Perth Venues Benefiting from the Impos Point of Sale System

Get the POS system that the best in town are using. With more than 1800 venues across Australia using Impos as a complete point of sale system package, it’s no wonder many of Perth’s industry-leading venues choose Impos.

The Brisbane Hotel

“We always have less than .05-1% variance on stock and that includes all food and beverage items on a weekly basis. Using Impos stock management in conjunction with a fast front end POS system for each and every sale is essential for running our business. It is a foolproof system which is exactly what every business needs and saves me valuable time and money.”

Craig Thomas

Cape Mentelle Vineyards Cape Mentelle Vineyards

Cape Mentelle Vineyards

“Impos as a point of sale system is truly impressive, with a depth and flexibility to cater across a wide range of operational requirements.”

Robert Dewar

Cape Mentelle Vineyards
Gordon St Garage Gordon St Garage

Gordon St Garage

“It’s so easy to train staff on Impos. Within five minutes I can have my staff all trained up and ready to take orders.”

Maxime Rosier
Restaurant Manager

Meet Impos – Your New POS Solution

Download Our Product Guide!

With the integrations, 24/7 support & reporting capabilities you need, Impos is the POS system to help you grow your business. Find out how we can cater to your venue.

Our POS Support

With our people on the ground in Perth, we know your area, and we know what you need to make your venue tick.

Our Murray Street office has you covered, with our team doing POS system installs and offering you the best support, from a neighbourhood near you.

Choose your support

Once you’ve chosen the Impos POS system that suits you, you can choose the level of support that works for your business. Choose from business hours support, or get complete coverage with one of our 24/7 premium and platinum support packages. No matter which you choose, our technicians will always be on the line, and with an average wait time of under three minutes, you know you’ll get the quickest POS support around.

If you’re feeling like you’ve got it covered, you can choose to opt out of support after the first 12 months—but we’ve found that more than 95% of our customers choose to stay on, and even upgrade their service.

How we support you

Our local POS service and support staff know the hospitality industry inside and out, and with an average of more than nine years of hospitality experience, you’re getting someone who knows IT and understands your business.

We can access your system remotely and help you get your system sorted as soon as possible, meaning our promise to provide the best POS support and POS servicing in the industry is always fulfilled. No matter what time of day or night, if you need our help just give our support team a call—we’ll never leave you hanging.

Talk to Us

Get in touch with our hospitality POS experts to see how Impos can help your business thrive.

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