POS Payment System Integrations

We’ve partnered with some of the fastest and most innovative payment systems out there, to give you a quicker and easier way to take payments.

Why integrate your POS system with your payment system?

Integrating your POS system with your payment system lets your venue run smoother and gives your customers more options when they want to pay.

Using one of our integrated payment systems, you’ll give your customers a faster way to pay. Our integrations give you faster credit card processing, meaning less time waiting, quicker service, and a better customer experience—for everyone.

Our integrated payment systems also have the option of syncing to mobile credit card readers, meaning you can take customer payments at their table. You’ll have an easier way to settle the bill and save your staff time moving between tables.

Your customers can pay however they want with an integrated payment system. Take cash, card, or online payments, and open the door to more paying customers. No more turning people away with a ‘cash only’ sign—the easier it is to pay, the more likely they’ll be back to buy from your venue.

Integrating your payment system to your POS system makes your reconciliations much easier. Your till and EFTPOS reports will always match, and you’ll eliminate the need for manual adjustments.

Your payment information will be available in real-time from your POS terminal, so you can accurately track your sales as you go and keep on top of your profits.

Our Payment System Integrations


ImposPay is the seamless unified payments platform that increases sales instore and online without the typical costs, operational overheads, or activation times. We’re built to work together with leading point of sale and e-commerce solutions and guaranteed to save you time and increase your profits.

Now you can serve your customers better with ImposPay, the all-in-one POS terminal that’s designed to enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint. At the counter, from a table, or anywhere in your venue, by a credit card, debit card or mobile wallet, ImposPay makes it possible for you to get paid. And serve up a deliciously fast and totally secure payment experience that has customers hungry for more.

ImposPay is easy to set up and manage, and we make payments a breeze.

Westpac Presto

Presto Smart is Westpac’s new integrated payment solution, designed to make in-store payments easy by directly connecting your POS to your Presto Smart payment terminal — taking away the hassle of manually keying in transactions into your payment terminal and speeding up sales at check out.

Presto Smart is a compact and lightweight EFTPOS terminal, letting you take payments anywhere in-store – on the counter or on the sales floor, giving you back time to do what you do best, running your business.


Tyro gives you an end-to-end POS and payments solution, and a quicker, easier way for your customers to pay.

Your customers can use your Tyro terminals to pay right at the table, and even split the bill, with all their payment information syncing seamlessly to your POS software. All major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Tyro integrates your payments, POS, accounting, and banking, to give you an easier way to run and grow your business.


PC-EFTPOS is Australia’s leading supplier of EFTPOS payment solutions. PC-EFTPOS enables your sales information to be relayed from a specialized pin pad supplied by your bank to your POS EFTPOS terminal and directly to your POS system. It streamlines your sales and reduces your margins for error.


InLoop brings you a secure, cashless, online payment system that streamlines the way your business handles its transactions. InLoop syncs with your payroll systems, so all staff purchases are deducted directly from staff accounts, and when you set up your closed InLoop system, your vendors are notified and provided with a link that allows them to begin transacting with you. With InLoop, you get a more efficient, safer, and more secure way to organise, monitor, and control your business’ transactions, whether it’s by your staff, from your vendors, or with your customers.

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