Stock Management and Ordering System Integrations

Integrating your POS system with your stock management and ordering system gives you a seamless link between your inventory, your kitchen, and your profits.

Why integrate your POS system with your stock management and ordering system?

Integrating your POS system with your stock management and ordering system lets you coordinate all your inventory processes into one easy, centralised location.

You’ll be able to take care of stock orders, invoices, and purchases orders, and check vendor information, all from your POS terminal.

Create orders based on to-the-minute stock information, or using your tracked order history, and simply email the order to your supplier. No more searching around for pieces of paper you’ve already lost, no more faxing—you’ll save time on paperwork with an easy, online system.

Your stock management system will sync directly with your POS system, meaning any time you take an order, your stock levels are adjusted accordingly. This gives you laser-precision control over your stock, so you always know what you have on hand, and you can avoid embarrassing shortages or over-ordering.

When you receive orders you just scan the item barcode using your POS barcode scanner, and the item is logged in your stock management system. Ditch the paper and pen – you’ll save time doing stock take and save money on wastage.

Our Stock Management and Ordering System Integrations

Ezy Systems

Ezy Systems is stock management software developed for wineries. It pulls all your winery’s processes into one coordinated piece of software. Imagine that: stock control, asset register, marketing, and production planning, all in a comprehensive, easy-to-use system.

This integration streamlines your winery’s processes, eliminates double handling, and lets you increase your revenue.

Cooking The Books

Cooking The Books is designed to help you track your stock levels, manage your food pricing, and order electronically, in a smoother, simpler package.

This integration tracks your stock levels from the kitchen, giving you a more accurate record of the running costs of your kitchen. It will enable you to identify any potential cost efficiencies, and ensure all stock coming in and going out is accounted for.

My Local Foodie

My Local Foodie gives you the power of a local buying group and stock ordering system in one package. Their convenient web portal lets you manage your inventory, cost your menu, and order your stock with ease—and at a great rate, too.

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