Save More Than $550 - Receive a FREE Cash Drawer & Thermal Printer With Every Terminal Purchase

Save More Than $550 - Receive a FREE Cash Drawer & Thermal Printer With Every Terminal Purchase

Australia’s Leading Hospitality POS System

Hospitality point of sale solutions to ensure your business thrives.

How Impos Can Empower Your Business

Our Impos POS software is designed to suit a range of hospitality business types, from cafes and restaurants and bars to multi-site restaurant groups and national service organisations. For more than 10 years we have been providing fast and reliable POS software and hardware to Australian venues.

Impos knows hospitality

Impos is a partner to the hospitality industry. We understand that you don’t work nine to five, so neither do we. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure the smooth running of your venue at all times.

Impos connects to the apps your business needs

Our systems talks to every application your venue needs, including:

The Impos POS is a powerful and robust point of sale system especially designed for the hospitality industry. Our system talks to every application and piece of equipment needed to run your venue as smoothly as possible. From reporting, to accounting, stock management, rostering and payments, the powerful Impos POS has got you covered. For more than a decade Impos has been building hospitality POS, and today with 2000 venues Impos’ system is the most reliable in the country.

Impos offers customers a membership and loyalty system designed for the hospitality industry. It makes increasing per customer spend and returning customers a breeze by allowing you to tailor attractive incentives that keep them coming back. Impos Membership and Loyalty allows you to track client spend, view favourite items purchased and get to know your customers better. Enjoy an increase in sales and happy customers with Impos Membership and Loyalty.

Impos’ Inventory Module helps increase business visibility and saves you time and money. Implementation of Impos Inventory decreases shrinkage and leakage, and allows any business to better manage costs. Once purchases are entered this can then be exported out to your accounting software, decreasing administration and ‘double handling’ of purchases. The direct result is an increase in profit. Track, manage and monitor your stock with ease all with a device slightly bigger than your average mobile phone.

Impos helps you to increase numbers with smart and targeted marketing. Target your customers based on how much they’ve spent, what items they’ve purchased, when, and how often. Impos speaks to third party applications like MyGuestlist to help reduce your workload while satisfying your customers. Live sync between MyGuestlist web-platform and Impos allows you to have the one universal database without the need to import and export all the time. Plus, you can use membership cards, stickers or customers’ phone numbers and email addresses to bring up their spend history on your system. Communicate to particular customers based on how much they have purchased and target your highest spenders with Impos marketing.

Impos provides you with the reports you require as your business grows. Reporting allows you to track your business and make changes and adjustments as the changes occur. Many successful hospitality venues utilise a variety of reports in different parts of their business. Ensure your POS has the capability to provide a range of reports that have been designed for hospitality. Impos provides you with all the reports that you require to fully understand and optimise your business. With over 80 sets of reports available, which all export out to Excel and PDF for any time or date range available, you can control your business like never before.

Impos Advanced Reports is a powerful Business Intelligence tool for the POS world. Advanced Reports allows you to slice and dice your data the way you want and monitor your performance at a glance. You can develop your own custom reports, schedule your reports to be emailed to you and visualise them in animated linked charts. View and strip your data to make your business make more sense. Impos Advanced Reports help you to better understand your business allowing you to make informed decisions that will see your venue thrive.

Impos offers customers a range of CCTV and security cameras for their venues. If you own or manage a restaurant, pub, nightclub or café you have a duty of care to ensure your guests, staff, customers and facilities are secure. For every owner and manager, this duty of care should be one of your highest priorities. Installing CCTV can save you and your staff from costly lawsuits. Many venues find that CCTV reduces staff theft and stock variance. By integrating your CCTV you can see what transactions are happening on the machine, overlaid right onto the CCTV feed. At Impos we understand the importance of high-end surveillance CCTV and are able to tailor a CCTV solution to your needs.

Impos has partnered with scheduling applications BoxSuite and Deputy to help employees work more efficiently and save you hours. BoxSuite is a beautiful, intuitive online solution for rostering, attendance, payroll and cost analysis that’s available anywhere, at anytime. Impos customers get access to Box Suite’s features such as a free mobile site, real time data, digital punch clock, payroll integration, automated shift fill and swaps, award interpretation, rosters based on historical forecasts and roster and budget creations. BoxSuite is rostering and attending made easy. Impos customers also have access to Deputy’s intelligent work scheduling, timesheet management and employee communication tools. Optimise staffing, manage wage costs more efficiently and develop long-term planning strategies around roster management. Schedule employees based on sales forecasts to minimise wage costs and maximise efficiency benefits through better staff management and communication.

Impos offers a range of POS payment options to all customers. We have integrated with a range of third party payment parties to ensure that hospitality venues have a variety of options, such as Tyro, PayPal and PC Eftpos. Serve more customers, increase productivity and accelerate your growth with Impos payments. Plus, business processes are streamlined and your bottom line is improved. Impos payments allow you to keep your queues moving, eliminate double entering, abolish keying errors and make reconciling a breeze.

Impos’ software has an extensive table layout feature that was designed for the restaurant and café industry. Table layout is vital in the hospitality industry as it allows for great and speedy customer service. Impos’ table layout feature allows you to see the status of each table at a glance. Plus table layout information helps you stay on top of your customers and avoid any errors. Transferring a table in the feature is a breeze with Impos’ intuitive interface; saving your venue time and money.

Impos Advanced Reports allows for venues with multiple sites to streamline their business reporting. Reports provided by Impos allow you to compare site trends, see profitability and identify best performing staff and items across individual stores or from an organisational level. Advanced Reports lets you have multiple sites with individual user permissions and landing pages. Alternatively, you can have multiple sites feeding data into the one database. Take your business to the next level with Impos multisite reporting.

Here at Impos we offer a range of mobile point of sale devices to our customers. Our system is designed to be used both on stationary terminals and on the go mobile devices such as iPads and tablets. Mobile point of sale is especially beneficial in the hospitality industry. Our mobile POS systems are feature rich and easy to use. Fast-paced restaurants and busy bars can take advantage of our mobile solutions to keep up with the high speed of service demands. Our mobile solutions are convenient and secure. Great customer service that keeps the customer coming back is possible with mobile POS; customers are satisfied with the fast and accurate service.

Impos’ point of sale system allows for the managing of products to become a breeze. All of your venue’s products are organised how you wish using departments, categories and sublists. Locating products on your point of sale system is simple for all staff members, especially with Impos’ intuitive interface. On top of that, you can add images to your products on your POS system, increasing their visibility even further. Plus, all product prices are changed and set in the one place so it is simple to add daily or weekly specials. Impos’ product management increases speed of service and saves your venue time and money.

Impos has partnered with web-based operational management provider, Cooking The Books, to help you run your business proficiently. Cooking The Books helps hospitality business owners and managers track stock levels, manage food pricing and enable electronic ordering and invoicing to run more efficiently. Cooking The Books integrates seamlessly with your venue’s point of sale system. Impos monitors your venue’s sales and Cooking The Books tracks stock levels from the kitchen. This enables you to better understand your venue’s cost of goods verses actual costs, and provides a more accurate record of the running cost of goods.

At Impos we offer our customers a large range of printing options. Whether it’s a docket printer used at the front of house or a kitchen printer you need, we’ve got you covered. Our range includes Senor Thermal Printers, Epson Ethernet Impact Printers, Epson Ethernet Thermal Printer, Epson Serial Thermal Printers and more. We also offer a range of printer accessories including Thermal Paper (boxes of 24), Bond Paper (one ply, two ply or three ply), and ink ribbons (in packs of three, five or ten). Our printers link up seamlessly with our point of sale system to ensure your service doesn’t slow down.

Impos’ display screens and production monitors (also known as bump screens and KVMs) are some of the toughest hardware in the industry and the ideal solution for your venue. Efficiency is increased with the use of our display screens, plus the requirement of printer paper is minimised. Display screens allow for faster production of products by decreasing start/stop operations typically involved with arranging dockets. Orders are displayed instantly and clearly on monitors, providing your venue with exceptional speed and performance.

Impos has integrated with Australian reservations application Dimmi to help you reach more customers. Dimmi is Australia’s favourite restaurant manager that allows customers to find your restaurant or cafe online and make a reservation, which is sent directly to your venue’s point of sale system. Using Dimmi allows you to spend more time with your customers, instead of being tied up on the phone and responding to emails. The marketing power behind Dimmi means that customers can be reached even while your venue is closed. Receive automated reservation notifications and confirmations, build guest profiles and a database for remarketing and accept deposits and payments with ease. Enjoy a more efficient working environment and increase bookings and revenue with Impos and Dimmi.

Impos has partnered with a variety of order ahead applications to help your venue boost sales. Customers can beat the queues, save their favourite orders, modify orders and even let you know how far away from your venue they are. With payment processing done directly, increasing your venue’s sales becomes effortless. Order ahead applications also enhance the discoverability of your venue, with thousands of people using the apps to look for new venues to try everyday. One in four Australians purchase through their mobile every month. Offering mobile ordering means you can capture an increasing amount of this consumer trend. Service speed is increased with Impos ordering, allowing for more orders to be processed and more revenue to be made.

When you join Impos you get more than just POS. Hospitality is in our DNA. As industry experts, we are able to build the POS that is most suited for the hospitality industry, plus offer each of our customers top notch POS and hospitality support. Together, Impos employees hold an average of 9l.1 years experience working in the hospitality field. We’re as much a part of the industry as coffee and cocktails. We know the industry inside and out therefore if you ever have a POS or hospitality related question one of our knowledgeable staff can help. We know what is needed to see a café, bar or restaurant run smoothly and we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals.

Clipp is a bar tab mobile payments solution for the hospitality industry and seamlessly integrates with Impos. Payments are guaranteed on all Clipp transactions, with settlement the next business day. Customers open and close tabs all from their phones, allowing your staff to focus on customer service. This results in faster service, shorter queues and more customers served. Clipp is PCI compliant and helps reduce credit card fraud; its risk-free payments means that sensitive credit card information stays with the customer. Customer spend and returning customers increase with Clipp, as you can offer last minute deals on the go to help encourage customer patronage.

Working with leading PMS provider RoomKeyPMS, Impos delivers a next generation property management solution. RoomKeyPMS is a single, integrated hotel software provider. The RoomKeyPMS hotel management system is a cloud-based PMS that is easy-to-use for front desk staff, yet provides robust management reporting with live 24/7 signature support. Integrating seamlessly, Impos and RoomKeyPMS work together to provide your guests with a great experience. While Impos is specifically designed to look after your restaurant, cafe or function centre, RoomKeyPMS acts as your reservations and front desk, managing individual and group bookings. Drive reservations from your website, connect your hotel systems seamlessly, engage your guests, manage your online reputation, increase your sales and make data driven decisions with RoomKeyPMS and Impos.

Here at Impos we pride ourselves on our customer service. We offer customers top-notch 24-hour support. Any time of day or night, any day of the year, you can reach us on the Impos Support number – 1300 780 268. Together, Impos staff hold an average of 9.1 years experience working in the hospitality field. Our technical support staff are both point of sale and hospitality exerts, and they are all IT graduates too. Ring us anytime with any POS or hospitality related question and one of the knowledgeable technical support team, based in the Melbourne office, will be happy to help you out. We offer customers different levels of support; so give us a call to find out which of our support plans suits you and your venue best. Our goal is your success.

Hospitality venues are inhospitable places. Hot, wet and filled with clumsy humans, they aren’t the best environments for delicate computers. That’s why at Impos we offer the toughest hardware that keeps your venues running. Impos customers have the option of using either the 10-inch of 15-inch commercial grade Impos terminal, mobile devices such as Windows tablets and iPads, along with a range of peripherals including printers and scanners. Give us a call today on 1300 308 615 to find out which hardware is most suited for your venue.

With an Impos point of sale system in place, you’ll get the best accounting software for your business, to let you crunch the numbers like never before. Our automated accounting system will help you increase the accuracy of your accounts. With your sales data synced directly from your POS terminal, all the necessary information is recorded automatically. This leaves no room for human error, meaning less mistakes overall. No more messing around trying to consolidate lots of different pieces of paper—organise your invoices, receipts, and pay slips by keeping them all in one place, in one format. Impos POS is accounting made easy.

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Our POS Support

The Impos support team works around the clock to make sure your system is running smoothly. Twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, a knowledgeable Impos team member will answer your call.

Impos’ ability to instantly access our clients’ systems ensures our promise to provide the best POS support and POS servicing in the industry is always fulfilled.

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Businesses That Love Our POS System

Impos specialises in Hospitality Point of Sale. We sell, develop, implement and most importantly provide exceptional support.

Everything we do is geared towards your business thriving. From the one-man band to the multinational, our POS Australia products are proven to make your hospitality business succeed. With 23 of Australia’s top 100 restaurants relying on Impos, plus thousands of cafes, bars, clubs, schools and pubs, Impos understands that you’re in business to make money so we make your success our priority.

Bird’s Nest
“Impos enables us to breakdown all sales and identify items individually, allowing us to detect potential problem areas early. It has really been instrumental in turning the business around”
Marie Yokoyama — Co-owner
Bird’s Nest
Read Bird’s Nest Story
The Botanist
“The Impos technology and customer support available has enabled The Botanist to run smoothly and effectively at all times.”
Peter Barker — Manager
The Botanist
Read The Botanist’s Story
“Since opening, we have been a very busy venue, and Impos has meant that we don’t have a raft of issues to deal with POS wise, and the visibility in the back of house is immensely valuable to the overall running of Annata.”
Christian Blair — Owner
Read Annata’s Story
Bulletin Place
“The flexibility and customisation of Impos has been indispensable for the business and specifically maintaining check times below eight minutes; this ensures that cocktails are served in a timely manner.”
David Hobbs — Operations Manager
Bulletin Place
Read Bulletin Place’s Story
The Beaufort
“Data extraction is the key to measuring ROI and the more powerful the data return, the better we are able to make decisions and measure performance. Thanks to Impos’ fully integrated stock module, for the first time we’re able to access and analyse data at any time.”
Dave Kerr — Owner
The Beaufort
Read The Beaufort’s Story
St Margaret’s School
“The joint online ordering and cashless card solution through Flexischools and Impos has benefited St Margaret’s from the perspective of increased sales, and a reduced administrative burden on tuckshop staff. Parents and caregivers have also found the system a more convenient and secure way to purchase food orders on behalf of their children, evident by the increase in use of the system over time.”
Leah Saul, Executive Officer Business
St Margaret’s School
Read St Margaret’s Story

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