Save More Than $550 - Receive a FREE Cash Drawer & Thermal Printer With Every Terminal Purchase

Save More Than $550 - Receive a FREE Cash Drawer & Thermal Printer With Every Terminal Purchase

Australia’s Leading Hospitality POS System

Hospitality point of sale solutions to ensure your business thrives.

How Impos Can Empower Your Business

Our Impos POS software is designed to suit a range of hospitality business types, from cafes and restaurants and bars to multi-site restaurant groups and national service organisations. For more than 10 years we have been providing fast and reliable POS software and hardware to Australian venues.

Impos knows hospitality

Impos is a partner to the hospitality industry. We understand that you don’t work nine to five, so neither do we. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure the smooth running of your venue at all times.

Impos connects to the apps your business needs

Our systems talks to every application your venue needs, including:

With an Impos point of sale system in place, you’ll get the best accounting software for your business, to let you crunch the numbers like never before. Our automated accounting system will help you increase the accuracy of your accounts. With your sales data synced directly from your POS terminal, all the necessary information is recorded automatically. This leaves no room for human error, meaning less mistakes overall. No more messing around trying to consolidate lots of different pieces of paper—organise your invoices, receipts, and pay slips by keeping them all in one place, in one format. Impos POS is accounting made easy.

Impos has partnered with a variety of order ahead applications to help your venue boost sales. Customers can beat the queues, save their favourite orders, modify orders and even let you know how far away from your venue they are. With payment processing done directly, increasing your venue’s sales becomes effortless. Order ahead applications also enhance the discoverability of your venue, with thousands of people using the apps to look for new venues to try everyday. One in four Australians purchase through their mobile every month. Offering mobile ordering means you can capture an increasing amount of this consumer trend. Service speed is increased with Impos ordering, allowing for more orders to be processed and more revenue to be made.

Impos offers customers a membership and loyalty system designed for the hospitality industry. It makes increasing per customer spend and returning customers a breeze by allowing you to tailor attractive incentives that keep them coming back. Impos Membership and Loyalty allows you to track client spend, view favourite items purchased and get to know your customers better. Enjoy an increase in sales and happy customers with Impos Membership and Loyalty.

Impos brings you a complete and streamlined school system integration. This is a smarter way to run your school. By integrating your POS system with Impos’ school system software, you’re able to consolidate all the different branches of your school, and streamline your cash flow to one easy-to-use payment system. You’ll be able to keep on top of your stock easier, too, with all your ordering and purchase processing done from the one system. Your canteen stock ordering and uniform ordering is all taken care of from your central POS system.

Clipp is a bar tab mobile payments solution for the hospitality industry and seamlessly integrates with Impos. Payments are guaranteed on all Clipp transactions, with settlement the next business day. Customers open and close tabs all from their phones, allowing your staff to focus on customer service. This results in faster service, shorter queues and more customers served. Clipp is PCI compliant and helps reduce credit card fraud; its risk-free payments means that sensitive credit card information stays with the customer. Customer spend and returning customers increase with Clipp, as you can offer last minute deals on the go to help encourage customer patronage.

Impos has integrated with Australian reservations application Dimmi to help you reach more customers. Dimmi is Australia’s favourite restaurant manager that allows customers to find your restaurant or cafe online and make a reservation, which is sent directly to your venue’s point of sale system. Using Dimmi allows you to spend more time with your customers, instead of being tied up on the phone and responding to emails. The marketing power behind Dimmi means that customers can be reached even while your venue is closed. Receive automated reservation notifications and confirmations, build guest profiles and a database for remarketing and accept deposits and payments with ease. Enjoy a more efficient working environment and increase bookings and revenue with Impos and Dimmi.

Impos provides you with the reports you require as your business grows. Reporting allows you to track your business and make changes and adjustments as the changes occur. Many successful hospitality venues utilise a variety of reports in different parts of their business. Ensure your POS has the capability to provide a range of reports that have been designed for hospitality. Impos provides you with all the reports that you require to fully understand and optimise your business. With over 80 sets of reports available, which all export out to Excel and PDF for any time or date range available, you can control your business like never before.

Your Impos POS system integrates seamlessly with the industry’s leading hotel management systems, giving you a more powerful and efficient tool to keep on top of your business and keep your guests coming back to your hotel. Bring your hotel into the 21st century by pulling all your booking information into one central location. Integrating your hotel management system to your POS system saves you time by eliminating double handling, reducing errors, and making it easier to get the information you need, when you need it.

Integrating your POS system with your stock management and ordering system gives you a seamless link between your inventory, your kitchen, and your profits. You’ll be able to take care of stock orders, invoices, and purchases orders, and check vendor information, all from your POS terminal. Your stock management system will sync directly with your POS system, meaning any time you take an order your stock levels are adjusted accordingly. This gives you laser-precision control over your stock, so you always know what you have on hand, and you can avoid embarrassing shortages or over-ordering.

Integrating your POS system with your payment system lets your venue run smoother and gives your customers more options when they want to pay. Using one of our integrated payment systems, you’ll give your customers a faster way to pay. Our integrations give you faster credit card processing, meaning less time waiting, quicker service, and a better customer experience—for everyone. Your payment information will be available in real-time from your POS terminal, so you can accurately track your sales as you go and keep on top of your profits.

Impos brings you some of the best rostering and time management system integrations, so you can avoid the eternal rostering headache, spend less time in the office, and have more time serving your customers. Rostering is made much easier. Integrating your rostering and time management system with your POS system allows you to access your roster data from your POS. You can generate rosters based on historical staffing information, meaning you don’t have to spend time poring over different sets of spreadsheets. Everything you need to maximise your staff hours and run your venue more efficiently is available from your POS terminal.

Impos has integrated with cloud-based middleware Application Programming Interface (API) Doshii to link your POS system to your third-party apps, and get your systems and programs talking to each other. Integrating Doshii with your POS system gives you access to all the apps you need to run your business smoothly. The Doshii cloud-based system syncs seamlessly with your POS system, with all your data and information relayed between the two instantly. Doshii allows you to access the apps you need from your POS terminal. Your POS system and apps are updated in real-time, so you always have the information you need, when you need it, to keep your service moving.

Our Integrations and Partners

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Our POS Support

The Impos support team works around the clock to make sure your system is running smoothly. Twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, a knowledgeable Impos team member will answer your call.

Impos’ ability to instantly access our clients’ systems ensures our promise to provide the best POS support and POS servicing in the industry is always fulfilled.

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Businesses That Love Our POS System

Everything we do is geared towards your business thriving. From the one-man band to the multinational, our POS Australia products are proven to make your hospitality business succeed. With 23 of Australia’s top 100 restaurants relying on Impos, plus thousands of cafes, bars, clubs, schools and pubs, Impos understands that you’re in business to make money so we make your success our priority.

“Impos has provided an integrated POS system that reflects, supports and compliments MoVida’s unique business model. The transition from the former POS provider to Impos was smooth and managed and the 24 hour system support provided is extremely reliable, with support always available in person or via telephone”
Andy McMahon — Owner
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Bird’s Nest
“Impos enables us to breakdown all sales and identify items individually, allowing us to detect potential problem areas early. It has really been instrumental in turning the business around”
Marie Yokoyama — Co-owner
Bird’s Nest
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Bulletin Place
“The flexibility and customisation of Impos has been indispensable for the business and specifically maintaining check times below eight minutes; this ensures that cocktails are served in a timely manner.”
David Hobbs — Operations Manager
Bulletin Place
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