Online Ordering System Integrations

The easier it is for people to get a meal from your restaurant, the sooner they’ll come back. Impos has integrated with a selection of third party ordering platforms to give your customers even more ordering options.

Why integrate your POS system with your Order Ahead system?

These days, ordering ahead can be done online, with all the information entered by the customer and sent directly to your POS system. This streamlined approach means less room for error, quicker ordering time, and happier customers.

With one in four Australians purchasing through their mobile every month, offering mobile ordering means you can stay on top of technology and capture an increasing amount of this consumer market.

Impos Order Ahead increases service speed, allowing for more orders to be processed and more revenue to be made.

Our Order Ahead system integrations

Impos has integrated with a number of order ahead applications to help you boost your sales. Your customers can beat the queues by:

  • Ordering online
  • Saving their favourite orders
  • Modifying orders
  • Letting you know how far away from your venue they are

With payment processing done directly, increasing your venue’s sales is easy. Order ahead applications also enhance the discoverability of your venue, with thousands of people using the apps to look for new venues to try everyday.

Hey You

Hey You gives your customers a quicker, easier way to order from your venue, no matter where they are. They just fire up the app on their chosen mobile device, type in their order, and away they go.

Hey You also lets you increase the discoverability of your venue, with thousands of people using the app to look for new venues every day. It’s no wonder Hey You is Australia’s leading Order Ahead app.


Mobi2Go is an Order Ahead app designed by people in the hospitality industry, so you’re getting something that’s got your business needs in mind.

As well as letting your customers order online or from their smartphone with your customised, branded app, Mobi2Go also gives you the option of embedding an ordering portal into your website or Facebook page. That gives your customers more touch points where they can place an order.


Mobi2Go not only gives your customers and easier way to order, it helps you increase your business’s reach and gets your name out there. Mobi2Go is an Order Ahead app you need to help you grow your business.


With more than 500,000 people using Menulog each month to search for restaurants and order food, Menulog increases your venue’s visibility and makes ordering from your restaurant a breeze.

Your customers can use Menulog’s integrated smartphone app or online portal to search for your venue, have a look over your menu, and order directly through the Menulog website.

You can boost your sales and target hungry customers with tantalising impulse-buys, same-day specials, and once-off deals. Give new customers an easier way to find and order from your venue with Menulog.


Marketing4Restaurants’ goal is to take the mystery out of your marketing. With Marketing4Restaurants, you’ll work with a dedicated specialist team to build a professional website that suits your venue’s needs, and integrates all your social media platforms, giving you the power to reach a wider audience.

Your new website will be optimised for search engine discovery to drive your internet traffic, and increase the reach of your marketing. You’ll get access to free tools, such as a free online ordering system, and restaurant booking platform, to make your website as simple as possible for your customers to use.

With Marketing4Restaurants you’ll be able to boost your marketing potential and see your business grow.

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