Ezy Systems & Impos POS Systems

Impos has partnered with Ezy Systems to streamline all your winery’s needs and processes into one easy, comprehensive package.

Who is Ezy Systems?

The minds behind Ezy Systems not only have a combined 60 years’ experience in accounting, wineries, banking, and IT. They have also been running their own vineyard since for 17 years, so they know what a stock and ordering system needs to keep up with the wine industry.

With the option of EzyCellar and EzyWine, you get a complete, end-to-end winery management system that integrates smoothly with your Impos winery POS system, to give you complete control over your operations.

How You Can Benefit from a Ezy Systems and Impos Integration

Ezy Systems stock management systems provide you with a simple portal to manage your entire operation. The responsive, customisable menu makes it easy for anyone to use, and makes every element of your winery operations available at your fingertips.

Integrating your POS system with Ezy Systems gives you better and more accurate visibility of your margins. All your costa data is entered via your Ezy System interface and relayed and logged in your POS system. Your sales are captured at your POS terminal, giving you better management of your cash flow.

Do away with the need for multiple spreadsheets, paper reports, and time spent reconciling your accounts. You’ll get up-to-date reports in real time, directly from your POS terminal, so you can track how your winery is running, any day of the week.

From ordering everything you need to stay on top of your vineyard management and keep your wines flowing, through to the bits and pieces you need for cellar door sales and tasting platters, you can do it all with Ezy System’s integration.

You’ll be able to keep track of your stock levels accurately and efficiently from your POS terminal, so you know when you need to place an order for more bottles. Save time and money with Impos’ integration with Ezy Systems.

How Our Integrated System Works

Once installed, your existing data and balances are preloaded to your new Ezy System and available from your POS, meaning you can hit the ground running. You just customise your menu and terminology so it makes sense for your business. Then everything you need is available through your POS system.

You can use your Ezy Systems integration to manage your entire winemaking process from start to finish, as well as your accounting activities, payroll, purchase ordering, and stock control.

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