Invoice Ripper & Impos

Looking for a simple way to control your costs? Invoice Ripper is for you!

Reduce your expenses, data entry and the amount of paper in your business – quickly and easily.

Who is Invoice Ripper?

At Invoice Ripper, they really dislike the time and energy spent by so many businesses on data entry, which is why they developed an online electronic ordering and data extraction tool which reduces data entry requirements across all business types!

Using real PDF files, Invoice Ripper will be able to ‘rip’ data straight from an invoice into the program for you to approve and send for payment in your accounting platform.

How You Can Benefit from an Invoice Ripper and Impos Integration

Simply place an order through the system and then receive the supplier invoice via email to your Invoice Ripper database. The system will automatically ‘rip’ the data straight from the invoice into Invoice Ripper for you to approve against the original electronic order.

This means no more updating unit prices or quantities. All you need to do is approve and confirm invoice variances – the system will do the rest!

With Invoice Ripper you can:

  • Send and receive orders electronically;
  • Compare the order you placed to the invoice you received;
  • Request credit notes electronically;
  • Export invoices to your accounting system; and,
  • Run key operational reports.

How Our Integrated System Works

Using Invoice Ripper is easy! Simply log in to their web-based system and allow the Invoice Ripper team to assist with setting up your account information.

Receive and approve invoices when they have been delivered to your database and make comparisons between what you ordered and what you have received.

Invoice Ripper integrates effectively with accounting platforms including MYOB and Xero; limiting the need for paper invoices and data entry.

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