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Impos is the point of sale behind the Melbourne coffee revolution, and is the go-to POS for the city’s most successful industry-leading venues.

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How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Venue in Melbourne

Impos was born in Melbourne’s bar scene, so we know what you need to make your venue grow.

Quicker payments

Quicker payments

In Melbourne’s busy hospitality industry, time is money. Speed up your venue’s payment processing times, keep your queues moving, and serve more customers with Impos’ lightning-fast Melbourne POS system.

Reward your customers

Reward your customers

People are fiercely loyal to their cafes, no matter where in Melbourne you are—and you want something special to them to keep coming back to yours.

Impos hospitality POS system offers you a membership and loyalty system designed for the Melbourne hospitality industry, allowing you to tailor attractive incentives to your customers that keep them coming back.

Handle any situation

Handle any situation

Whether you’ve got a large group of gluten-free vegetarian cyclists moving tables around out the front, or a table full of parents with kids high on hot chocolates out the back, our POS system for your venue has a feature to let you deal with any situation.

Transferring a table or making an important order note is a breeze with Impos’ intuitive interface, saving your café time and money.

Move with the times

Move with the times

The easier it is for people to get a coffee from your café, the sooner they’ll come back. With one in four Australians now purchasing through their phone every month, Impos has integrated with a selection ofthird party ordering platforms to give your customers the option of ordering via mobile.

Get with the future of hospitality ordering and payments, let your customers beat the queue, and speed up your service.

Hospitality Start Up Guide & Checklist

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Why Melbourne’s Hospitality Scene Chooses Impos

Impos point of sale systems came from Melbourne, and our features are designed with your fast-paced and vibrant venue in mind. Wheather you’re a restaurant, cafe, bar, club or pub, Impos is the POS system Melbourne businesses choose to make their daily operations run more smoothly.

Improve your service

You want to be the best. The flexibility and reliability of the Impos POS system lets you run your venue just how you want it, and keep on top of situations as they arise, with a set of features to deal with everything from multiple bar tabs and clients splitting the bill to moving to the window seat without telling you. Give your customers that true Melbourne service.

Easier inventory and stock management

Manage your venue’s costs in a more efficient way with Impos’ inventory and stock management systems. With this solution, you can:

  • Decrease shrinkage and leakage
  • Track, manage and order your stock
  • Reduce tedious administration

More comprehensive reporting

Impos’ Reporting software allows you to track your business and making changes and adjustments as needed. You’ll get all the reports you need as your café grows. With over 80 sets of reports available you can control your business like never before.

Melbourne Venues Benefiting from the Impos Point of Sale System

Impos powers Melbourne

Impos is the POS system company behind the Melbourne bar revolution. See how we power Melbourne.


“Impos has provided an integrated POS system that reflects, supports and compliments MoVida’s unique business model. The transition from the former POS provider to Impos was smooth and managed and the 24 hour system provided is extremely reliable, with support always available in person or via telephone.”

Andy McMahon

Black Pearl

“The way the system is set up makes things really, really easy. You can breeze through a busy service with Impos in a busy bar like Black Pearl.”

Nathan Beasley

Lincoln Lincoln


“We originally chose Impos due to experience using it as staff at MoVida, and found the staff at Impos and service very helpful and prompt. Also, the system itself is very user-friendly and efficient, with accurate and flexible operations. We would most definitely recommend Impos to other venues, as it is the most reliable point of sale system we have encountered, and makes running the business easier, which is invaluable.”

Stella Long


Meet Impos – Your New POS Solution

Download Our Product Guide!

With the integrations, 24/7 support & reporting capabilities you need, Impos is the POS system to help you grow your business. Find out how we can cater to your venue.

Our POS Support

Impos was born in Melbourne, and we know the Melbourne hospitality scene like no one else.

Our Head Office is based in St Kilda, so we’re in your neighbourhood. We provide you with POS system installs and offer you the best possible support, around the clock.

Choose your support

Whether you’re an early morning café, a busy lunch spot, or you party late into the night, you can choose the level of support to suit you. If it’s our business hours support service you choose, or one of our 24/7 premium and platinum support packages, our support staff will be on call to give you a hand. With an average wait time of under three minutes, you know that our technicians are always available, whenever you call.

If you’re ticking along and want to manage it yourself, you can also choose to opt out of support after your first 12 months (but we find that 95% of customers choose to continue and even upgrade their plan at the end of this period).

How we support you

When you call our support line, you get someone who knows IT and understands your business. Our local POS service and support staff average more than nine years of hospitality experience—so they’ve seen it all.

Whatever you need, our support team can instantly access your POS system, to really get to the bottom of what’s going on, meaning we deliver on our promise to provide the best POS support and servicing to the industry. We won’t leave you hanging.

Talk to Us

Get in touch with our hospitality POS experts to see how Impos can help your business thrive.

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