What is point of sale software?

We have come a long way since the days of manual, non-connected cash registers ringing up every sale. Automation, the internet, cloud services and technological advancements have made point of sale services more digital and capable of handling different operations across the hospitality field.

Moreover, equipping your venue with point of sale hardware and software can deliver a range of benefits, ultimately streamlining operations, and freeing up staff to deliver their skills where it matters most.

However, across the market, the options for POS systems are endless and finding the right fit for your business can be half the challenge. In this article, we explore the many advantages of this type of solution, and how Impos can help you revamp your bottom line.

The benefits of using a point of sale system

These nifty innovations do more than just ring up sales for your business. Ultimately, they also deliver automation across the board and can help you to create a better customer flow and experience as an end-result.

If you choose to equip your business with this kind of technology, you can enjoy a number of advantages, including:

  • Track your stock and minimise shrink: Monitoring your inventory levels and making stocktake easy is just the beginning of what these systems can offer. You can spot obsolete stock easily, get daily reports on what needs topping up and monitor shrinkage closely.
  • Speed of service: These solutions are infinitely faster than a traditional cash register and will speed up service time and help prevent queueing that can cost your business.
  • Manage your pricing and promotions from a central hub: Manually applying and monitoring limited time price changes or promotions can be a nightmare. A digital point of sale system automates this process completely.
  • Improve productivity: Because it automates so many tasks in your business, labour can be diverted to more important tasks. This will mean greater efficiency and more room for growth for your venue.
  • Greater security: One of the biggest advantages is the wider variety of security measures to ensure only those who should have access, do. This means you can give different staff different levels of permissions and still maintain peace of mind that your information is kept safe and secure.
  • Open the door for more payment platforms: Wouldn’t it be great to accept more flexible payment methods – be it tap options from your smartphone or using digital currency? Now you can. These payment methods are becoming more widely adopted by consumers in Australia, with the big banks offering software to make transactions using devices much easier. Now you can jump on board and accept them too, thanks to our advanced POS systems.
  • Improve your marketing power: Your hardware will do more than just help you serve your customers; it will help you get to know them and how to contact them, too. Spending behaviour, contact details and much more can be stored through your system, giving you powerful data for future marketing campaigns.
  • Free your arms: Your staff do not have to be chained to a counter or a cash register any longer. POS devices are highly mobile and allow for table service, meaning your staff can take orders while on the move.
  • Easy storage of sales data: Forget paper records of your sales. You can even forget about digital backups that could be lost in the advent of a hardware failure. Your data is stored in the cloud and is available on site as well as remotely.
  • Improved accountancy: Some point of sale systems, like Impos, will link directly to popular accountancy software packages like Xero. This allows for accountancy on the run, so you won’t be bogged down by tax work at the EOFY.
  • More accurate marketing: With a suite of customer data behind you, you’ll be able to market to you most prominent demographics and loyal visitors, allowing you to target them with effective marketing campaigns or programs. Reward them for returning, gain feedback and convert prospects into those that keep rocking up for a cup of Joe every Sunday.

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What happens if the internet goes down?

This is a critical question in the modern age. If the internet was to fail (which can happen for a number of reasons), you want to know that your business is not going to experience costly and expensive downtime.

Impos’ systems provide the assurance that you will still be able to ring up sales if your connection is lost.

“Lots of people have network dropouts or internet dropouts depending on their service area,” Impos senior outbound technician Dexter said.

“Because of this Impos has implemented its local server initiative where it basically says that no matter what happens with your outgoing, we can still serve your customers based on a local network.”

Impos also has an analytics program which allows managers to access data remotely, so many of the online functions can be accessed on a device at other premises where the internet connection is working.

This also means that managers can oversee operations remotely when the internet connection is available, meaning they can be free to visit vendors and suppliers while still having their hands on the wheel.

Why you should trust the experts for your installation

It can be tempting to try and set up POS solutions yourself, but that would mean taking you away from critical areas of your business where your skills are best suited.

Impos can deliver a tailored solution for your business quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on day-to-day operations like prep, service, staff training – and all of the other tasks you have each day.

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What can you expect from the support team at Impos?

Through this, you also have access to the expertise of the Impos technical team who can help you with any aspect of your system. This isn’t limited to issues or errors either, with the team on call to help you with all aspects at any point in time.

“What it gives you is ease of mind, more than anything else,” Dexter said. “You have the Impos family, the tech family backing anything that happens on a day to day basis.

“Be it just a simple question of how do I put through this specific item? How do I add this certain happy hour or the potential for where maybe your internet has gone down and you want to get it back up?

“Say your router has been unplugged by X, Y or Z reason, we are here to help you. This is why you pay for our support because we are here to basically guide you from point A to point B in the easiest way possible.”

Guides to help you get the most out of your Impos POS system

A strong POS system is about taking the guesswork out of your business and utilising automation and data to streamline your operations instead. To help you get a stronger feel our solutions and how they can benefit you, Impos has put together a series of free guides for businesses across a range of industries.

You can check all of them out here. Specially designed for each type of venue, we run through how to equip your business with the best possible resources, equipment systems and more.

For more information on how an Impos POS system can streamline operations and help grow your business, contact our team on 1300 780 268.

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