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Impos Analytics is Real-time Reporting at Your Fingertips

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Impos Analytics is real-time, cloud reporting at your fingertips.

Impos’ Business Intelligence and reporting software, Impos Analytics, lets you make smarter business decisions and offers enhanced visibility of your business in real time.

The Impos Analytics app gives you better visibility of your sales data so your business’ numbers are more meaningful to you. The reporting dashboard lets you visualise your data in rich, graphical charts and is configurable so it’s intuitive to you. Reports are generated in a snap, whenever you need them, meaning you don’t have to wait until the end of the day to check your profits. Exporting reports is done with the click of a button and you can schedule reports to be delivered to you by email at a time that best suits you.

It’s available on Windows, iOS and Android products

The Impos Analytics mobile app, available on iOS and Android, lets you stay on top of your numbers even when you’re away from the venue, giving you 24/7 control and peace of mind that things are running smoothly. Plus, if your venue’s internet connection goes down, all of your information is safe and stored both on site and replicated in the cloud (internet connection is required for live reporting).

It’s suitable for all venue types

All venues can benefit from Impos Analytics, ranging from small, hole-in-the-wall cafes to larger enterprise organisations. It allows venues with multiple sites to centralise and streamline business reporting. Users can compare site trends, see profitability, and identify best  performing staff and items across individual stores or at an organisational level.

Impos Analytics offers report customisation

Aaron Leech, Impos’ Business Intelligence Developer, is the go to guy for all things Impos Analytics. He’s been busy working on report customisation with a range of individual venues and larger enterprise venues.

“At Impos, we realise that every venue is unique, which is why in addition to providing a core suite of pre-built reports, we’re able to work directly with clients to build custom reports, allowing them to gain the exact insights they need, based off their own custom built Impos implementation. In addition to analysing data from their venues, we’re also able to cross reference this with data from external sources, such as Google Sheets, to compare, for example, how a venue’s sales performance is affected by the weather.”

Who’s using Impos Analytics?

Hundreds of Impos venues are currently benefiting from the Impos Analytics platform including franchise groups ranging from QSRs to speciality venues, wineries, governments, schools, The Department of Defence, and top catering and events companies.

“We use the Impos Analytics system as an integral part of our financial reporting (both internal and external). The system offers us the ability to create fully customisable reports to meet our needs – whether that be running the overall sales per month, to finding the amount of bottled water sold over a 12 month period. The ability to create and alter reports as our needs require is incredibly useful to our business, and having it all online means access is always readily available to our teams, both on and off-site. The system has increased our accuracy and efficiency, saving us time and giving us the tools to ensure our figures are accurate and easy to access at any given time.”

Phillip Comito, The Big Group

Impos Analytics lets you stay on top of your business like never before. To learn more about our reporting platform, check out our Impos Analytics Guide, or give Impos a call on 1300 308 615 today.

Impos Analytics is a hosted, separate service that works directly with the Impos Point of Sale system. Additional costs are involved.