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Impos offers hospitality businesses like yours intelligently designed POS solutions.

Our fully featured point of sale systems are designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Whether you’re thinking of investing in an Impos system, or you are already using our software and hardware to help run your venue more efficiently, learn more about what Impos has been up to and what’s new on the menu. See first-hand just how much we value innovation and smart design with our latest product updates.

Also, find out where you can visit us at trade shows and industry events.

Equipping your venue with more intelligence through Myguestlist

As one of the fastest and most reliable POS systems available for hospitality, Impos offers a multitude of benefits. This platform streamlines operations across ordering, payments, high-end integrations and inventory management – all of which allows for simplified operations within your venue. One of these …[More]

Cooking the Books: a new Impos Integration

Whether you are a small café or a large-scale restaurant, the heat of the kitchen is already hot enough to keep you busy. With Cooking the Books, you can manage all of your supplies, deliveries and cost management in one place. The software is the …[More]
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