5 Great New Cafes, Restaurants & Bars in Melbourne & Victoria

This week, we’re shining a light on 5 of the best new cafes, restaurants and bars in Melbourne and Greater Victoria. Make sure you pay them a visit and let us know your thoughts…

Bar Tini, Melbourne

bar-tini-dishes-and-wine-on-tablePicture: Broadsheet

Self-described as ‘young, fun and authentically Spanish’, Bar Tini is the latest offshoot of the ever-popular Melbourne tapas institution MoVida.

Bar Tini takes its inspiration from those stylish neighbourhood bodegas that litter the Spanish countryside (and cities), where local patrons meet for a casual glass of wine and some bar snacks.

If you like seafood, especially canned, preserved or cured seafood, you’ll love Bar Tini’s menu, which includes anchovies, mackerel, tuna, clams and calamari. But Bar Tini doesn’t stray too far from its MoVida tapas roots, serving up lovely pork and brisket Croquettes or an Andalucian sandwich consisting of ham, kimchi, anchovy and mozzarella.

To top it all off, Bar Tini is located in Melbourne’s famous Hosier Lane, which makes it the perfect pit stop before or after a concert or theatre production.

Gourmet Paddock, Balnarring

gourmet-paddock-interior-shot-of-restaurant-sectionPicture: GoodFood

This new 100-seat, multi-outlet eating hall and food in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsula is nothing if not ambitious.

Described by Good Food as ‘a department store food hall with sandy toes and a sun-kissed nose’, Gourmet Paddock is a one-stop foodie’s paradise.

Pop in early for a fresh loaf of bread and a coffee, book a fancy dinner to impress, grab some takeaway fish’n’chips or do some deli shopping…the options are endless.

This diversity is very impressive, as is their enthusiastic service and fresh, tasty produce, which all serves to make Gourmet Paddock a unique concept well worth checking out next time you’re in the vicinity.

Platypi Chocolate, Otway Region


Nestled amongst the lush Otway canopy is Platypi Chocolate, a tranquil, playful artisan chocolate café and shop.

This hidden gem only opened its doors in January but Platypi Chocolate has already gained a reputation for its delectable homemade chocolates, modern décor and friendly service.

But perhaps its greatest asset is the balcony with outstanding views overlooking all the natural tree-lined beauty and birdlife the Otways have to offer. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy a truly decadent hot chocolate and cake (or savoury snack) on your travels. Take note for your next trip down that way.

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Angus & Bon, Prahran


Aussie music fans will likely get the reference to guitarist Angus Young and lead singer Bon Scott, but to the uninitiated, the name Angus & Bon pays homage to the legendary duo from AC/DC.

In fact, AC/DC played one of their first Melbourne shows in the old post office building where this rock’n’roll steakhouse now resides. With this in mind, you can expect plenty of good tunes. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Angus & Bon channels ornate New York hospitality establishments and exudes the same casual grandeur. Then there’s executive chef Declan Carroll, previously at Bistro Guillaume and the Press Club, who has designed the menu to deliver freshness and flavour using the wood grill.

Being a steakhouse, steak is the specialty – they serve aged rib-eye on the bone, scotch fillet, 9+ score dried-aged Wagyu and other prime cuts with rich sauces like Bernaise, pepper or garlic – but they also offer great share plates and nibbles, as well as seafood and vegetarian options.

Mjolner, Melbourne


Mjolner was one of Sydney’s top new restaurants last year and this year it’s Melbourne’s turn. Meaning Thor’s Hammer, Mjolner is a whiskey bar and carvery brought to you by the Speakeasy Group (also of Eau de Vie and Boilermaker House fame).

The name, décor and menu all give off a Viking theme and, according to their website, Mjolner has been created in Thor’s image as a restaurant/bar where ‘sophistication and opulence meets revelry and decadence’.

Whiskey is their undoubted passion. 600 bottles adorn the walls of their flagship Sydney restaurant and Melbourne is sure to match that level of whiskey-love. Their menu is small and simple, and some meats are even carved at the table for a nice dining experience. Mjolner Melbourne opens on March 28, 2018.

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