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How to Run a Successful School Canteen

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The humble canteen is a great revenue raiser for any school – no matter the shape or size. But like any business, it has to be run correctly for students and parents to want to make use of it.

So, here are some tips to maximise your school canteen and simplify operations so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

Pride yourself on the appearance of your food

Children can be fussy eaters at the best of times and food that isn’t displayed well will not appeal to them at all.

Make sandwiches, wraps and salad items look appetising by facing them outwards; try to use colourful combinations that attract the eye. Beyond this, ensure all prices, ingredients and critical information are clearly displayed.

Promote yourself strategically

School canteens are a food business just like any other and cannot expect to be successful by adopting a ‘build it, and they will come’ approach.

Marketing is essential here, not only to attract interest from the students but to provide inspiration for parents as well.

To tackle this effectively, place flyers and posters around the school to inspire your community. Additionally, use social media and email campaigns to highlight the health benefits and low costs of the items you sell.

Jazz up your menu names

Just because you’re a school canteen, it doesn’t mean you have to be bland – this is where you get real creative and have fun with the process.

You’ll often find regulatory names like ‘ham and salad wrap’ or ‘corn on the cob’ in venues like these, but there’s no reason you can’t think outside-the-box. Use adjectives like ‘juicy’, ‘fresh’ and mentions of colours to spruce up names of products.

These efforts may seem like tiny details, but they will help attract the eye of students and inspire purchases across the board.

Tip: This applies to the name of the canteen itself, which doesn’t have to carry the boring and stock-standard ‘tuckshop’ title. Be bold and come up with a name that reflects your community, its values and the region you are located in. What would your students find engaging?

Make sure your presentation is top-notch

It goes without saying that every part of your space should be well-cleaned and maintained, free of food scraps and any other debris. But it should also be appealing to the eye, with strong visuals like colourful menu boards and a welcoming environment for students to enjoy their food in.

You can even engage them by getting them to help design your branding – let them be a part of your journey.

Consider going cashless

Sometimes innovating with the times is the ultimate way to spark interest. With the modern age, supporting a cashless society is even more important for hospitality businesses – and canteens are no exception.

Flexischools is a payments tool designed specifically to support cashless canteens. It allows for a more streamlined, easier to manage system and efficiencies across the board. For those looking to improve their operations, a platform like this is the perfect path to take.

This single point of sale solution incorporates all of your ordering and payments and goes beyond basic operations. Parents are given access to a portal that allows for:

  • Easy canteen orders
  • Excursions and events
  • Community and school-related news
  • Cashless technology.

If you’re looking to redesign the way your community engages with your venue, it all starts with a streamlined process – of which Flexischools provides.

Contact Impos on 1300 780 268 or email [email protected] to learn how Flexischools can revolutionise your canteen’s success.