FlexiSchool & Impos POS Systems

Impos has proudly partnered with Flexischools to bring you a better way to run your school. Flexischools is a complete school management solution that meets all the needs of parents and schools.

Who is Flexischools?

Flexischools was created as a way to make school life easier for everyone involved. Their goal is to take tedious, time-consuming tasks like uniform ordering, fee paying, and cost tracking, and turn them into simple, streamlined activities that work effectively every time.

Already in use by over 1,000 schools all around Australia, Flexischools’ online ordering and cashless payment system is designed to make your school run as smoothly as possible.

Flexischools’ Sydney-located data centre and servers are some of the strongest in the business, and are built with mirrored servers and hardware to ensure your school’s information is always secure and available.

How You Can Benefit from a Flexischools and Impos Integration

With Flexischools you get a campus-wide cashless solution. Consolidate all your school’s incoming payments, whether it’s fees, canteen orders, uniforms, sporting fees, or even excursion costs, into one central system.

This saves you time on processing all these payments, and reduces your paperwork, giving you more time to run your school.

You can reduce office queues by giving your parents an online payment portal and app. Available 24/7, parents can order anything they need online, from textbooks and uniforms to lunch orders. And they can do it all from the convenience of their home computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Reduce the need for volunteers with all your paperwork handled online. Save money, and let your families get on with their life outside of the school, with Flexischools’ online end-to-end system.

How Our Integrated System Works

For such a powerful and wide-reaching system, Flexischools is a breeze to set up. Once you’ve signed up, they provide you with all the information you need to integrate your school’s system.

Email your canteen menu to Flexischools’ support team and they can create an online menu for your school’s payment portal and app. Any changes can be handled by those with administrative access to your school’s Flexischools account.

All school product purchases are handled in the same way—Flexischools create your online product and payment portal, and your families just do the rest. All payments are synced directly to your school’s POS system , with their safe and secure online payment system.

Flexischools is an end-to-end ordering and payment solution to bring your school into the 21st century.

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