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How to manage your employees better with Zuus

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Proper roster management is the cornerstone of any successful small business. Dealing with penalty rates and casual staff mean the margins can be tight. Because of this, it’s important to have the right number of staff on the floor without impacting your profits.

Impos has the perfect roster management system available for you in the form of Zuus – an integration that boasts many benefits for venues of all kinds. Smoothly manage your rostering and deliver the best possible customer service, all within your budget constraints.

How to use Zuus for your workforce

Proper roster management results in better customer service

Roster management is a balancing act for management, and it is critical to get the balance right. If there is not enough staff on the floor, customers have to wait longer, which can be frustrating and will make them feel less valued.

If you have too many staff members, however, you are eating into your profits. You’ll likely find yourself in a position where there are workers with little or no work to do, equating in money straight down the drain.

Not only will the right number of staff members on the floor streamline your operations, but it will also improve the level of customer service overall.

Your staff will not be overworked and tired, which will improve dips in customer service quality. The result will be smooth, efficient and friendly customer service which will impress your diners.

Faster service means more customers and more revenue

The shorter your lines are, the more customers you can serve. By perfecting your roster management, you can efficiently cater to all of your customers and not lose business through long waits in queues.

On top of this, our integrations also make ordering and payment easier, allowing your staff to serve individual customers at their table with a tablet device. Portability is key in the modern age, and this aspect enables staff to start tabs where needed, improving service time without the need to take payment for each food item or drink.

Maximising your team dynamic improves service

Different staff members have different strengths. So, it’s only natural that they have their unique ways of working too. By identifying these dynamics, you can roster staff on together so that their strengths cover all bases. Allow your assembled teams to become powerhouses, not anchors.

How Zuus can improve your roster management

Zuus is a cloud-based roster management system that you can access remotely to create a roster that suits your needs perfectly. Integrated seamlessly into Impos, it operates on all of your most crucial data. This includes your budget, penalty rates, KPIs, awards and sales data to map out the ideal roster scenarios to have the right talent on the floor at the right price point.

Zuus will also deliver a number of performance metrics that you can monitor including KPIs, costs and profitability so you can adjust your rosters on the fly – all from your smart device.

Staff will also enjoy using Zuus, which enables them to download the app to their phone and have real-time access to rosters with alerts. They can also request leave and swap shifts with other staff members, all using their fingertips.

Get to know our nifty integrations by checking out the full suite here.