Zuus Rostering & Impos POS Systems

Zuus gives you an easier way to organise your staff, by giving you the functionality you need on the go. Manage staff across multiple venues, ensure the right people are on the right shift, and see where you need to tighten up on costs with this easy, mobile solution.

Who is Zuus?

Zuus brings you a smarter, cutting-edge time attendance and rostering solution that’s available in the cloud. It’s designed for the manager who’s always on the go and needs to check in remotely to their venue, or across multiple sites. Zuus allows you to track your labour costs more accurately, improve your workforce management, and create rosters and schedules with a few simple clicks, and its mobile app ensures your staff are always on top of their shifts. Zuus is here to make your job easier.

How You Can Benefit from the Zuus and Impos Integration

Zuus is the backbone of your staff management, and gives you easier, smarter solutions for your planning. As a cloud-based solution, it travels with you, available as an app for either your tablet or mobile device, so you can manage you staff no matter where you are. You’ll be able to access your schedules, rosters, and reporting all from the palm of your hand.

You can create new rosters using Zuus’ simple drag-and-drop interface, meaning less time spent agonising over schedules and analysing staff availability, and it also takes into account your KPIs, award, and penalty rates, so you know how much you should be spending, and when, so you get the most efficient staffing plan, and you’re able to smash those targets. Sales data is also taken into account, and Zuus can forecast your sales and staffing needs down to every 15 minutes.

Zuus’ intelligent interactive dashboard shows you all the metrics you need to stay on top of your venue, so you can keep track of your KPIs, costs, and profitability, all from your smartphone. Every time you adjust your rosters, these metrics are updated at the same time, meaning you’ll always see the most accurate data available, and get better insight into how your venue is running.

Doing the ring-around to fill shifts is never fun—and Zuus has simplified that too. Your staff simply download the Zuus app, and they can view their roster on the fly, interact with their schedule, request changes, and even swap shifts between each other. You’ll be able to fill no-shows and sick days in now time.

Zuus also tracks staff labour hours, with time and attendance logged through the app, and its geotagging feature ensuring that your staff are where they say they are.

How Our Integrated System Works

Working with Zuus couldn’t be easier. All your data is synced directly from the Zuus app to your POS terminal, so all your schedules, rosters, staff movements, sales, and more, are recorded and captured as they happen.

You and your staff simply log in to the Zuus app on the POS terminal, their smartphone, or on a tablet, which can then be used to track their hours and sales figures.

Use the Zuus roster function to create staff rosters based on information inputted by you, and with the click of a button you can make these available to all staff through the Zuus app. All your staff need to do is keep on top of their shifts, and you get notified of any requests for swaps or changes.

Zuus is a smarter, more responsive workforce management app for the busy manager who’s always on the go.

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