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Impos’ Membership and Loyalty Module was designed for the hospitality industry. It makes increasing per customer spend and getting more customers returning to your venue easier by allowing you to tailor attractive incentives that keep them coming back. Here’s how it works…


Increase spend

Impos Membership allows you to track client spend and view favourite items purchased. With Impos Membership you will be able to get to know your customers better and enjoy an increase in spend plus returning customers.

Upgrade Card

For venues wanting to run multiple membership cards to distinguish different levels of membership, the Upgrade Card is ideal.

Points Card

Using a points-based loyalty rule, customers obtain points each time they spend. A separate rule then exists to convert the points into dollars. For example 100 points may be equivalent to $5 worth of value.

Recharge/Charge Card

Impos Membership allows customers to charge money to a card or use the card to charge to an account. This allows for faster transactions and also helps to ensure the loyalty of the customer to the venue.

Discount Card

The most straightforward loyalty scheme is a discount. Customers swipe their card to receive a discount, which recognises them as a valued member. Discounts can even be assigned when your customers reach certain spend limits.

TAB Cards 

Create TABs for your customers and assign multiple cards to associate to each TAB in a matter of seconds. Increase your TAB spending by having more cards.

Price Set Card

Want to give your members particular pricing structures? Impos Membership gives you the ability to create a card type for members to assign particular pricing based on the pricing matrix for the item. You choose how it works and select who gets what prices.

Gift Cards & Vouchers

Set up any type of Gift Card or Voucher quickly and easily. You can even give incentive with rebates, e.g. $200 card = $220 value.

Online Signup

Want to grow your customer list? Integrate your Impos Membership system with MyGuestlist, which customers access to signup on your website, Facebook page or through the iPad app.

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