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The rush of a cafe during a busy service is as exciting as it is fraught; changes to dishes, takeaway orders, splitting checks and moving tables together can make for a tricky Saturday morning service.

Our point of sale solution for your cafe is based around flexibility, order information and speed. This is cafe POS at its best.

How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Cafe

Quicker payments

Quicker payments

In the fast-paced cafe environment, keeping your queues moving is key to the best service experience.

Impos’ cafe POS system gives you the quickest POS software around, meaning your payments are processed in a heartbeat, and your customers don’t have to wait around to get to the counter. Serve more customers quicker with an Impos cafe POS solution.

Open the door to more customers

Open the door to more customers

Limited payment options means some potential customers get turned away. With more Australians using cashless payment methods, the Impos cafe POS system gives your customers more ways to pay.

Whether it’s by card, with coins, or a third-party option, ditch the ‘Cash Only’ sign and give your customers a way to pay that suits them.

Handle any situation

Handle any situation

Whether you’ve got a large group of cyclists that all want to pay separately, a laundry list of dietary requirements, or you’re moving tables for the book club, our POS system for cafes has a feature to let you deal with any situation.

Track inventory and stock

Track inventory and stock

The Impos cafe point of sale system provides you with strong analytics to help you reduce your cafe’s wastage.

With real-time tracking of your inventory done straight from your POS terminal, you can manage and monitor what you have in stock, pinpoint where you’re losing out, and make adjustments immediately.

Impos inventory and stock management is here to help your cafe tighten up and get your business on track.

Why Australian Cafes Choose Impos

Membership and loyalty

Membership and loyalty

People are fiercely loyal to their cafes, and you want them to keep coming back to yours. Impos’s coffee shop POS system offers customers a membership and loyalty system designed for the hospitality industry, allowing you to tailor attractive incentives to your customers that keep them coming back.

Ordering made easy

Ordering made easy

You want ordering a coffee to be as easy as pressing a button. With an Impos cafe ordering system, it is.

We’ve integrated with a range of online third party ordering platforms, meaning your customers now have the ability to order online or on their mobile. Their order is relayed directly to your POS terminal, and all they have to do is come and pick it up.

Improve your cafe ordering system and increase your service speed with Impos’ cafe POS system.

Table layout

Table layout

Table layout is vital for your cafe as it allows for better and quicker customer service. Impos’ table layout feature lets you see the status of each table at a glance. Transferring a table is a breeze with Impos’ intuitive interface, saving your cafe time and money.



Take the headache out of rostering with Impos’ integrated rostering and scheduling programs. Our cafe software lets you:

  • Create rosters based on historical forecasts
  • Automatically swap and fill shifts
  • Create budgets
  • Integrate your payroll details with ease
Inventory and Stock Management

Inventory and Stock Management

You can keep on top of your costs in a smarter way with Impos’ inventory and stock management systems

Real-time updates means you’ll always have an accurate account of what’s in stock so you’re never caught short. You also get a trackable view of your inventory levels, so you know if the numbers aren’t adding up.

Reduce paperwork, save on tedious administration time, and order new stock right from your POS terminal.



Impos’ cafe reporting software lets you dive deeper into your business and get a better control of all the aspects you need. With our system, you can:

  • Capture all your incoming and outgoing costs accurately and effortlessly, because your business data is synced directly from your POS system.
  • Track your best sellers with itemised reporting, and work out if you need to make adjustments to your menu.
  • Keep on top of your staff and find where you can save on wage costs.

Impos cafe software gives you all the reporting power you need to make your cafe thrive

Our Cafe Customers Smashing It

Everything we do is geared towards your cafe thriving. But don’t just take it from us. See what some of our great clients are saying about Impos Cafe POS Systems.

“The staff at Auction Rooms know that Impos works, and it works the way they need it to. It’s a tool made for them.”

Martin Russell, Venue Manager

Rudimentary Rudimentary

“Impos is incredibly intuitive and easy to use and this means that new staff can quickly be trained up. It also allows us to make quick changes daily and from a management standpoint. It is a great tool that allows us to see progress, accountability, staff performance, a general overview of the day/week/month and so on. It really is a great tool and one we could not function without.”

Desmond Huynh, Owner

Phillipas Phillipas

“The team at Impos were great at understanding our needs and advising the best way to proceed. Our previous systems were antiquated; we had been doing our sales housekeeping and reporting using paper and Excel. Even though staff had grown accustomed to them, the transition to Impos was very well received.

“The benefits of Impos are clearly felt across the business, from reliable order processing, better tracking  of our sales data and trends, to the ability to run reports remotely, via the web. At the end of the day, it means less time worrying about checks and balances and more time doing what we do best.”

Phillipa Grogan, Owner

Romanos Coffee Romanos Coffee

“Given that our point of sale system is such an integral part of our business, I needed to ensure that we worked with a company that could deliver a high level, quality product that was both reliable and flexible enough to meet the needs of our multi-store operation.”

“We needed a company that could provide the level of service required to ensure optimum performance with minimum outages at our stores, and we needed a company that could provide a product and service at a realistic price.”

“After working with Impos for more than five years, I can proudly claim we have found the right company for our IT solutions. Sean and his team are honest, reliable beyond industry standards, committed and passionate about their product. I just simply cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Tony Romano, Owner

Romanos Coffee

Cafe POS Buyer’s Guide

Download Your Cafe POS Buyer’s Guide Today!

Impos provides a POS system that is packed with heaps of features made for the hospitality industry. Find out why it’s the POS system Australian cafes love to use.

Our POS Support

We understand that the hospitality industry doesn’t work 9 to 5, so neither do we. The Impos support team work around the clock to ensure that your system is always running smoothly.

Choose your support

Every cafe is different and Impos has a support system to suit you. Choose either business hours support, or one of our 24/7 premium and platinum support options—whether you’re open for the cyclists or serve the late-night crowd, our staff are on call to answer your questions. Our POS support lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round.

After the first 12 months you can choose to opt out of support altogether, but we find that over 95% of our clients continue or upgrade their plan after this time.

How we support you

Our support team are the best in the business. With an average of more than nine years’ experience in the hospitality industry, you get a technician as well as someone who understands your business. We can instantly access your system to diagnose your problem, no matter where you are.

We promise to provide the best POS support and POS servicing in the industry, and we take pride in this commitment to you.

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Get in touch with our hospitality POS experts to see how Impos can help your business thrive.

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