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How a Bar Tab Can Help You Run Your Bar Better

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Offering the chance for customers to start up their tab is a long-running feature of bars and restaurants across the world. It allows customers to feel relaxed and enjoy their evening (forgetting their spending in the process) while streamlining customer service. It eliminates the need to run up every individual purchase and improves flow.

In the digital age, this hasn’t changed. Bar tabs provide even more benefits than ever before, putting smiles on the dials of customers.

Should you let your customers open a bar tab?

There are many reasons why choosing this path is well worth the while. But here are a few kick pointers to get you started.

Customers will usually order more

When a customer is paying for each menu item and drink individually, they have to put the effort in to order and pay every single time. This might deter them from heading up to the counter or may even place more focus on how much they’re spending overall.

It is far more convenient to order drinks from the table and worry about the bill at the end of the evening. If your venue is particularly busy, this is even more of a plus.

Customer service is more streamlined

Even if the average time to take a drink order, receive payment and deliver the beverage is as low as 30 seconds, that still adds up. If your customers are ordering individually across the night, this amounts to a big chunk of their time spent ordering and paying.

By removing the payment step at each turn and only taking a lump sum for the final bill, your service staff and the customer can spend time focusing on other aspects of the evening.

You can process multiple orders at once

To help even further streamline operations, a strong POS system will allow you to take multiple drink orders at a table at once; all put on their individual or group tabs.

A single tab on a table would mean only one payment for the entire night from that group, freeing up your time considerably.

It helps you build your customer knowledge

As each item ordered on a tab through a POS system is recorded, it helps you build a database on what your customers prefer. This can then help you deliver personalised levels of service and specials that apply directly to those that you’ve served before. In the end, this improves loyalty, increases your targeting and pays off with happy customers.

Impos software provides the best bar management software

Using an Impos POS system means you can easily connect to the mobile payment app Clipp. This allows customers to open and close bar tabs using their smartphones.

This app also has a built-in specials mode, so you can trigger business when things are slow or reward customers for their repeat business. This means no more collecting credit cards or ID; your customers will feel special with tailored deals and your staff can focus on their customer service. Win-win!

Contact Impos on 1300 995 462 to learn more about our bar management software and features available for your bar.

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