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You want to give your customers the best service you can to keep them coming back. Speed up your payment times, keep their drinks flowing, and serve more customers with an Impos bar tab management solution.

Why Bar Tab Management Is Important For Your Business

A bar tab is undoubtedly the best way to go for your customers—it means less change in their pocket, less cluttered receipts, and the guarantee of being able to get a drink. But bar tab management is a plus for your business, too.

Running bar tabs lets you process multiple orders with the touch of a button. You’ll spend less time fussing around with cash or cards and won’t have to open and close the till so much. And at the end of the night you can wrap it all up with one simple payment.

You’ll get a better insight into your customers, as all food and drink orders are consolidated into one account. Using this data, you can target food and drink specials specifically to them.

It’s widely known that customers who open a bar tab tend to have a higher spend rate for the night, too. If you make opening a bar tab easier than paying with cash, you open the door to increased customer spend and greater profits.

Improve customer service with Impos’ bar tab management

Improve customer service with Impos’ bar tab management

Bar tab customers feel like they’re being treated specially—after all, they just head up to the bar, order their drinks, and walk away when they get them. Offer a better level of customer service, and make your customers feel special by offering bar tab service. A better level of service leads to your customer coming back, time and time again.

With Impos’ Bar Tab Management feature , setting up a tab for your customers is easy, even in the busiest bars. To create a tab, press the Tab button on the POS keyboard, and enter a name, either from the customer’s credit card or ID.

You can set a time or spend limit on the tab by entering the amount in the limit box, or by including the time period it’s set for. This is particularly useful for a birthday or work function.

Once the tab’s up and running, it’s available on every terminal in your venue, so your customers can keep ordering no matter where they are.

Add items to the tab simply by double-tapping the icon on the screen, selecting the item you need, and then pressing ‘send order’. This saves the items to the tab, and keeps the tally going until it’s paid.

If the customer wants to start a tab after you’ve started their order, just press the ‘transfer check’ button. This gives you the option to start a tab; you just enter a new tab and finish the order by double tapping it once you’re done.

It’s as simple as that. Managing your bar tabs has never been easier.

Impos Connects You To The Best Bar Tab Management Solutions

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Clipp is a mobile payment solution for the hospitality industry that seamlessly integrates with your Impos POS system.

At the leading edge of bar tab management, Clipp lets your customers open and close tabs from their smartphones, letting your staff focus on their customer service.

Clipp even has the ability to offer rewards to your customers. Quiet Monday night? Entice more customers to come to you with same-day sales and last minute offers. Everyone loves a deal, so make your venue stand out from the crowd with targeted rewards.

It’s safe, too, as payments are guaranteed on all Clipp transactions, with settlement the next business day. Drive your sales and keep your customers coming back with Clipp.

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