Rostering Software Integrations

Impos brings you some of the best rostering and time management system integrations, so you can avoid the eternal rostering headache, spend less time in the office, and have more time serving your customers.

Why integrate your POS system with your rostering and time management system?

When you integrate your rostering and time management system with your POS system, you get an easy and pain-free way to track your staff hours.

Your staff clock in and out at the POS terminal, meaning all hours are immediately and accurately logged and monitored. No more paper timesheets, no more time reconciling employee hours against wage costs—an integrated rostering and time management system saves you the time and hassle.

It will save you money, too, as you can see when your employees work overtime or where you can reduce staff hours. You can even sync with your reporting software to see who your best-selling staff are. You’ll be able to make roster changes immediately and tighten up your wage costs with the click of a button.

Rostering is made much easier. Integrating your rostering and time management system with your POS system allows you to access your roster data from your POS.

You can generate rosters based on historical staffing information, meaning you don’t have to spend time poring over different sets of spreadsheets.

Everything you need to maximise your staff hours and run your venue more efficiently is available from your POS terminal.

Our Rostering and Time Management System Integrations

Our rostering and timesheet management systems integrate seamlessly with your POS system, so you can manage your staff in a smarter, more efficient, easier way.


Deputy is a cloud-based staff management system that’s designed to help you save time. You get access to intelligent work scheduling tools, so you can optimise your staffing and manage your wage costs more effectively.

You’re able to develop long-term rostering strategies, schedule your staff based on sales forecasts, and get all-round better timesheet management and employee communication avenues.

Zuus Workforce

Zuus is a smarter, dynamic workforce management system that lets you manage your staff in the way that suits you. Available across multiple sites or venues, Zuus’ online functionality allows you to keep track of your staff movement and attendance wherever you are. With more in-depth reporting, staff clock-in and clock-out monitoring, and the option for staff to swap and fill their shifts between each other, Zuus help you keep your rosters full and your shifts filled.


Tanda is your key to workforce success. It taps into your sales data to build a predictive workforce model to create schedules that reflect exactly how many staff you need at any time. By using financial data you will be able to optimise your staffing schedule. And Improve staff engagement and customer experiences.

Paperless onboarding for staff, leave management and payroll integration. The possibilities will provide you with a full solution to reduce your time spend.

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