Our Web Reporting Explained

Any business that doesn’t track sales is a business bound to fail. Web reporting should be an integral part of your business plan, helping enlighten you on your best-selling stock, your most effective employees, and even the busiest periods at your venue.

All this information helps inform your everyday business decisions, such as who to employ where and when, and which stock may be worth ditching for a more popular menu item.

Impos Web Reports

What you’ll get from our Web Reports Guide

Since web reports are so important, we’ve created this Impos Web Reports guide to give you access to a detailed list of the reports we offer through our POS system.

You’ll also be able to preview numerous types of reports as they will appear to you, including a cashier report, an item sales report, a weekly revenue report, a stock variance report, and more.

Download this guide and harness the value of web reporting for your business today!

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