Who is MoVida?

Who is MoVida?

Prior to engaging Impos in 2012, the MoVida Group used a legacy point of sale (POS) system that was inflexible, inefficient in assisting with customisation, and created business silos.

As a result of MoVida’s fast business growth over a short time period, there was demand for a reliable and efficient POS system that could bring disparate systems into a fully integrated model.

Impos created a POS system as unique as the MoVida business model; which reflects, supports and compliments all of MoVida’s businesses.

MoVida MoVida

How we helped

Recognising that MoVida’s future business success required POS software that could run across multiple systems, Impos created a system to provide integration across all MoVida restaurants, enable the customization of revenue reports, and manage staff timing and timesheet uploads to accounting system, MYOB.

Impos developed several features to help address MoVida’s key requirements, and to ensure the customer experience was consistent across all of MoVida venues. For example, it developed a timing feature within the system that enabled staff to schedule tapas dishes, ensuring the customer experience and expectations of a tapas service was preserved.

Further, as a business that is increasingly dependent on technology, the need for reliable support is crucial to MoVida. In addition to the specialised features provided through the Impos point of sale system for MoVida, Impos provides 24 hour-a-day system support in person or via telephone.


What happened next?

The transition to Impos in 2012 was smooth and it has since provided a user-friendly, easy to learn POS system. Currently, more than 160 MoVida employees use Impos, and it has created benefits for multiple stakeholders across the business; including accounting, management, wait staff and customers.

MoVida has seen significant cost and efficiency savings as a result of using Impos, which has had a positive impact on the business. Impos has enabled MoVida to obtain weekly feedback on sales and wage costs, which has assisted MoVida to bring overall costs back to 30 per cent.

Drop in overall costs

MoVida employees using impos

MoVida MoVida

What the customer said

“Impos has provided an integrated POS system that reflects, supports and compliments MoVida’s unique business model. The transition from the former POS provider to Impos was smooth and managed and the 24 hour system support provided is extremely reliable, with support always available in person or via telephone.”

Andy McMahon,
Owner — MoVida

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