Bright Brewery

Who is Bright Brewery?

Who is Bright Brewery?

Bright Brewery is a craft brewery, bar and restaurant located in the heart of beautiful Bright, Victoria.

Embracing the purity of their setting and inspired by the mountains, trails and alpine environment that surround them, Bright Brewery make over 14 ‘Mountain Crafted’ beers that showcase their High Country home. Since launching from two small tin sheds in 2006, the business has enjoyed substantial growth and has become a popular destination to enjoy a drink and beer-matched food while overlooking the river, national parks and mountains.

Today Bright Brewery remains an independent family business, employs approximately 40 locals, and has seating capacity for more than 250 people.

Bright Brewery Bright Brewery

How we helped

Having Impos on board has made the entire payment process much smoother: it is simple for staff to plug in a sale, and quick for customers to order and pay. As a result, queues at the bar are shorter during very busy periods as customers are served quicker.

More than half of all Bright Brewery employees have some interaction with Impos – they’ve found the platform to be robust and simple for front of house staff to use and understand. Staff behind the scenes have found menu screen set up and item creation to be very user friendly, and weekly inventory and stock-take processes to be accurate and easy to follow.

The venue has also benefited from the integrations with third party applications like Tyro. Tyro has enabled quicker, accurate card payment processing; essential during peak periods such as summer. This has completely cut out bar staff’s biggest pain point – slow EFTPOS payment processing times.

Bright Brewery

What happened next?

Bright Brewery has experienced very few system outages with Impos. And on these odd occasions, Impos has responded within the hour, and had them back on board shortly after. Just generally, communication from Impos is regular and having a direct point of contact with the account manager provides peace of mind.

They’ve also noticed system updates and improvements have been reflective of their feedback to Impos – proving the Impos team listen to their customers.

Generally; for example it helps him predict future stock requirements and understand what menu items he should promote as a special.

Bright Brewery
Bright Brewery Bright Brewery

What the customer said

“On customer support alone, Impos is dramatically better than the POS software we previously used and customer response time has consistently been within the hour for urgent issues.”

Bright Brewery

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