Bird’s Nest

Who is Bird’s Nest?

Who is Bird’s Nest?

Bird’s Nest has gone from strength to strength since established by co-owners Marie Yokoyama and Emi Kamada in 2013, after finding a niche market in the heart of Brisbane.

The restaurant initially ran solely on hand written paper dockets. As demand increased, so did the need for an efficient point of sale (POS) system for the business. Marie and Emi chose Impos for its simplicity, flexibility and unparalleled service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bird's Nest Bird's Nest

How we helped

Bird’s Nest Restaurant engaged Impos in February 2014. Impos immediately ensured it integrated its POS system to reflect the specific business requirements of Bird’s Nest. This included the electronic transfer of customer orders to the kitchen as opposed to reliance on hand written dockets, as well as sales tracking and enabling the running of specific reports based on a time range.

Impos has had such a positive impact to the business that Marie and Emi recently decided to upgrade the system. Birds Nest now uses one that runs on a smaller terminal saving space, and contains a faster terminal enabling a faster overall process of orders.

Business has been even busier since the pair won the first season of Channel 9’s The Hotplate in September 2015, and a fast POS system has been crucial to manage increased demand.

Bird's Nest

What happened next?

Currently about 15 staff members use Impos in everyday operations of the business, and multiple business stakeholders – including accounting, wait staff, management and customers – have identified the benefits of using Impos.

Bird’s Nest has seen significant cost and efficiency savings as a result of using Impos. Business sales increased by 34.81 per cent since 2014, and overall operating profit increased by 78.44 per cent.

Sales increase since 2014

Increase in operating profit since 2014

Bird's Nest
Bird's Nest Bird's Nest

What the customer said

“Impos enables us to breakdown all sales and identify items individually, allowing us to detect potential problem areas early. It has really been instrumental in turning the business around”

Marie Yokoyama,
Co-owner — Bird’s Nest

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