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What Seasoned Veterans Still Love About Hospitality

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When you work in any one industry for a long period of time, your enthusiasm can wane. But in the hospitality industry, business owners say it’s vital to keep that passion burning.

Even if you’ve been dabbling in the field for a number of years, the number of opportunities that still float your way don’t taper off. From the people you surround yourself with – and the many personalities that come with them – through to the stories, skillsets and diversity; there’s plenty to love about being a veteran in the hospitality sector.

We’re always about exploring the proud and talented community we have at Impos. But before we dive into what’s driving you to push the boundaries of your own hospitality business, we feel it’s important to scratch the surface of why this industry has such a positive effect in the first place.

For as long as the humble cup of Joe has been around, professionals in the space have worked their way around finding what exactly makes these types of businesses tick. Even if you’re only just starting out in this industry, there’s so much to look forward to that the possibilities are truly endless. So, here are some of the top reasons we feel keep hospitality professionals fired up about their line of work.

The top reasons for working in the hospitality industry

The people: Even if you aren’t typically a ‘people person’, associating yourself with so many personalities on a daily basis means you get a feel for how to navigate it all. To really succeed and enjoy what you do for a living, you’ll need to firmly grasp how to manage different types of people, and create loyalty with customers who all behave differently. And for many, that’s half the excitement of working in the industry in the first place.

Endless learning: No matter what stage you are in life (or career), learning is always essential. Having the opportunity to work with a diverse range of personalities, and interacting with those across various age groups and cultures, means you naturally gain a knack for it. Learning to communicate accordingly and effectively is half the challenge, but it’s also something you can carry with you throughout the rest of your life. Hospitality’s ability to harness and foster this aspect is a highly attractive benefit for newcomers and veterans alike.

Appreciation: One of the biggest parts of working in this field is the sense of appreciation you get from those around you. It’s always warming to hear how you’ve made someone’s day. This is where job satisfaction really kicks in – something that other sectors often lack.

The feeling of progression: When you’ve been hard at it, nothing feels better than establishing a sense of progression. If you know you’ve done the hard yards to get even that little bit further in your career life, the emotions that come with it are enough to fuel you to take bigger and better steps in the future.

Diversity: This one’s a biggie. These days, diversity is something that’s still lacking in a number of fields (sadly). However, hospitality leads the charge with plenty of venues – be it bars, hotels, restaurants or the like – all presenting plenty of flexible job opportunities.

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What you’re saying

Love for the work you do is key to creating a successful hospitality venue, and in our many talks with hospitality business owners, they place passion as the most important trait for any budding business owner.

As Alex Law from ST. ALi puts it: “Passion is everything all the time.”

“Hospitality is a passion project that may turn into a business,” he says. “You need to be ready for when it does. There are smarter ways to make money. You need to love it!”

Meanwhile, Ella Harris from Cuckoo Callay Cafe says that with the amount of commitment involved, “it’s definitely one of those things that you have to put your heart into … You have to really love what you’re doing.”

If you’re looking to start your hospitality business, the level of commitment can be overwhelming to begin with. So here at Impos, we’ve interviewed a few of our lovely venue owner clients to find out what it is about the industry that keeps them going.

Maybe it will encourage you to take the leap yourself!

4 Hospitality Veterans & What They Love About Hospitality

Ben Walsh – Miss Moneypenny’s


Ben Walsh opened Miss Moneypenny’s to bring Noosa quality social dining with a fun bar vibe. With more than 20 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, he’s clearly onto something special to maintain the passion for his work.

“I’m very details focused so I guess just getting things right and, at the end, the customer leaving completely satisfied is what we try and strive for.

“And also consistency, which I think is the most difficult thing to achieve in this industry; when you start to get things as consistent as possible and the absolute majority of the people who are spending money in your venue leave and become return customers. That’s what I like about it.”

Guy Greenstone – The Local Taphouse


Guy Greenstone co-owns The Local Taphouse, a Melbourne institution that was at the forefront of the quality craft beer experience. Together with co-owner Steve Jeffares, they also own their own brewery, Stomping Ground.

Guy has harnessed his enthusiasm for beer to create a lively environment where he can introduce others to his avid passion!

“My favourite thing is providing people with an experience that exceeds their expectations and introducing them to the world of better beer.

“Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than hearing someone tell me that they never knew beer could be so amazing. It’s really social and I love that about it.”

Alex Law – ST. ALi


As Guy Greenstone is to beer, so Alex Law is to coffee. Alex Law led the speciality coffee movement in Melbourne, bringing it to the masses with his cafe ST.ALi. , Countless cafes have tried to replicate the industrial, laneway vibes of ST. ALi

“My favourite part of being a cafe owner is a guaranteed table. But no, really it’s the ability to connect deeply with the community.”

Ella Harris – Cuckoo Callay Café


Ella was working for 11 years in finance, stuck in the daily grind of desk life. That is, until she and co-owner Ibby founded Cuckoo Callay Cafe, a venue that blends good food with amazing coffee.

“I love the change. I love how every day now is different. I love being able to run errands during the week. And I love just being able to chat to people.”

So there you have it – if you love socialising with new and repeat customers every day and value playing an important role in your community, you’re undoubtedly built for hospitality!

If you’re looking for more industry information or some expert advice from the professionals, be sure to check out some of our other resources on the Impos blog today!

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