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The Top 4 Loyalty Reward Apps

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Did you know it’s 6-7 times more cost effective to keep a loyal customer than to acquire a new one? Loyal customers are at the heart of any business, which is why so many hospitality businesses now recognise the importance of loyalty marketing.

We can see how the marketing trends have affected loyalty marketing by watching its evolution from the days of punching cards to advanced loyalty marketing apps we have access to these days.

Developers of loyalty apps now make them so they can be used alongside POS solutions such as Impos. Here are our top 4 loyalty reward apps that can bring your customers coming back for more day after day.

1. Menulog

Menulog is the leading application for online takeaways in Australia. Since the app has around half a million active users, this is an excellent opportunity for you to make your establishment well-known to large audiences.

Menulog has a range of loyalty deals that can help you attract customers to your café. These include: 30% off the first order, digital punch cards, and a reward after a certain number of purchases. Even better, it’s easy to use with your POS system since it can be integrated with Impos.

2. eCoffeeCard

A customer using the eCoffeeCard apps gets a digital coffee loyalty card with a unique QR code which is scanned and recognized by the POS in your establishment.

This app comes with an email feature which will enable you to send email messages to customers about new promotions. On top of this, every time a customer makes a purchase through the eCoffeeCard, he/she gets bonus credit that accumulates to be spent in future. Now that’s sure to make your customers happy and keen to return to your venue.

3. Foursquare

Foursquare is a company that helps people discover your business, whether it is a bar, a restaurant or a movie theatre. With more than 50 million active users and over 2 million venues listed in their app, Foursquare is the most popular loyalty card app for both android and iPhones.

With Foursquare, you will be able to reward and delight customers with plenty of specials: happy hour discounts, free drinks, upgrades to the front row, and more.

With these promotions and rewards it will be much easier to attract new customers and retain old ones. You will also gain access to analytics to learn more about the customers who entered your establishment.

4. Hey You

The order ahead and payment app Hey You opens up new possibilities for owners of cafes, restaurants and bars. It can help your venue be discovered and allows new customers to make orders and cashless payments, as well as beating the queue.

Hey You also offers some neat perks for customers, with mobile loyalty schemes built into the app. For example, users can replace their paper coffee cards with a points system on the app so that they can track their purchases and still get rewards after a certain number of orders.

Considering the fact that customers who make their purchases online tend to spend 30% more, Hey You is an excellent opportunity to increase revenue and retain customers.

Find out more about Impos’ integration with loyalty apps (as well as plenty of other quality apps) today. Or if you’d like to know more about essential POS features check out the Impos Product Booklet.