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Pub Marketing: 5 Must Do Promotion Ideas

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Starting and growing a pub or any business is a tough venture, especially if you don’t do strategic management. That includes pub promotions to make your place stand out from the competition. The key to success is to build a loyal following that will keep the cash flowing all year round.

Your regular customers will be the ones who get you through the slower times of the year during the winter and the end of tourist season. They are the people you need to get in the door with unique marketing and promotions to keep them coming back. Let’s run through a few things you can do to make that first-time patron an ongoing customer.

1. Optimise sport matches

Watching football is always fun, but following the game with your mates makes it a must-do. That’s why your pub needs to be the go-to place for sport matches. Offering drink or food specials when the local team scores is a great way to keep patrons coming back every week.

Your bartender could create a special drink for the home team that is only available during match play. It’s worth the investment in a few decent TVs and a subscription to a premium sport channel.

2. Set up some leagues

If your pub has pool tables or dart boards, consider setting up a billiards league. The players’ competitive spirits will keep them coming back for the next match. You can offer a prize for the winning team to make it worth their time.

And to make the most out it, pick a day and time when business is usually slow to avoid upsetting regular customers.

No room for pool? Consider running a weekly trivia contest. Have the match in the main room where other patrons can watch the action. With luck, those same customers will be back next week to get in on the fun.


3. Daily specials

Some of the best pub marketing ideas are the simplest. Daily specials on eats and drinks are an excellent way to keep the fans coming back for more.

Give it a theme such as Seafood Saturdays and offer discounts on classic pub favourites like fish and chips. You can also put an end to slow Monday evenings with a burger special to gain that repeat business.

You can also use your daily special as a way to try out new menu ideas without a large investment on your part. Or your promotion could help you get rid of the extra kangaroo meat that is still in the freezer.

4. Sponsor a race or event

Another excellent way to build loyalty and increase your cash flow is to sponsor a local race or event. You can partner up with the city council and local community to make it an all-day thing with music and other promotions.

The benefits from this type of marketing are priceless. After all, a successful event could turn into an annual fete.

Don’t want to commit to an event? Consider becoming a sponsor of a local sport team. Throw in a group discount so that they will come to your joint after practice or a match.

5. Have a contest

You might also consider running a contest such as the best meat pies. Customers can sample the entries and vote for their favourite. These types of pub entertainment ideas have the advantage of not costing you anything. Simply provide a place for the entries and whatever is needed for serving. The drinks will be flowing when the patrons toast the winner.

The key to success with a promotion is to make it something unique that will encourage repeat business. It rewards customers for their loyalty with specials that make them hard to resist. And of course, good hospitality is the foundation of any successful pub but especially during promotions.


Of course, if you’re going to run daily specials and enjoy a flood of patrons to your venue, you’ll want a POS system that’s up to the task. Learn more about our pub POS systems that are tailored to meet the needs of your venue!