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POS FAQs: What the Pros Want to Know

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Just like every hospitality venue, every POS system is different, and can take some getting used to, even when it comes to the obvious things—things that appear so obvious you might be hesitant to ask about.

Here at Impos we believe that the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask, so to avoid this we’ve pulled together the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions, to help you use your Impos POS system to its full potential.

How long will it take to have the system set up?

Impos can have your new POS system up and running in your venue in two weeks from start to finish. This includes POS menu digitisation, equipment confirmation, and onsite hardware setup.

If you have any questions about your install during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager on 1300 308 615 to discuss it further.

How is your system protected?

To make sure your data is always secure, we’ve taken a multi-layered approach to your data security.

Every 24 hours, your Impos POS system takes a snapshot of your sales data from the previous day, meaning you’ll always have a complete record of your data that’s up to date to within the day. This ensures all your historical data is backed up as completely as possible.

As a second layer of security, Impos Analytics not only gives you the world’s most powerful business reporting software, but also access to cloud-based data storage.

All your most recent sales data is synced with Impos Analytics and stored in the cloud, meaning you get an extra level of security when it comes to your system. Impos Analytics also keeps a complete record of your transaction history, so if you need to you’re able to have your database administrator reconstruct your database by replaying all your transactions.

As well as a two-step data storage process, our POS system support team is available on the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If your POS system goes down, our support team can access your system instantly and remotely to diagnose the problem and get your POS system back up and running in no time.

How long does installation take?

Onsite installation of your new Impos POS system takes two hours for the first POS terminal installation, and one hour for each additional terminal installation. Alternatively, we can send you the hardware and our support team can complete the installation remotely.

What banks do you work with?

We work with all the major Australian banks.

What EFTPOS do you integrate with?

Your Impos POS system integrates seamlessly with PC EFTPOS, Tyro, and PayPal, giving your customers a faster, easier way to pay.

We recommend Tyro as your preferred EFTPOS integration, due to its superior functionality. Tyro accepts all major credit cards and provides you with a portable card reader that enables your customers to pay their bill at the table. It even has an option to split the bill.

Do you have a membership and loyalty program?

Your Impos POS system has a Membership and Loyalty module that lets you create detailed customer databases and create your own loyalty and cash cards.

We’ve also partnered with third-party Loyalty platforms MyGuestList, eCoffeeCard, and Collect, to give your customers an app-based reward system.

The MyGuestList and Collect integrations let you send rewards, special offers, and incentives directly to your customers’ smartphones, while eCoffeeCard does away with rewards cards altogether. Your customers simply scan your venue’s unique QR code using their smartphone, and the integrated app does the rest.

What do you need from me to get going?

Once you’ve confirmed your equipment, confirmed your costs, and organised your training and install dates, there are only a few more things we need you to do.

  1. Fill out your menu template

We’ll provide you with an Excel document to fill out, that has all the details to get your POS terminal menu customised to your needs. We can create your menu with all the functionality you’re looking for.

  1. Finalise your payment

Speak with your Account Manager to discuss the payment option that works for you. You can choose to rent, buy outright, enter into a fixed-term finance package, or if you’ve already got the equipment, go with Software as a Service.

  1. Complete your training

We’ll provide you with a venue where you can spend some time getting to know your system.

Our Basic Training package covers Front Office, Back Office, and Impos Reports, so you get all the basics you need to start using your new POS.

Our Advanced Training package covers Impos Membership, Stock, and Advanced Reporting, and dives deeper into the functionalities of your POS.

Each training module takes around two hours to complete, and online training can be organised if required.

  1. Confirm your POS layout

Confirm your POS layout with your Account Manager, so everything is ready for the installation day.

  1. Make sure you’re connected

Make sure all your CAT 5/CAT 6 cabling, your power sources, and your wi-fi access is complete, up to scratch and ready to go.

  1. Confirm your venue is complete

Our tech team won’t install your new POS system on a site that’s not ready for the public, as your POS equipment has the potential to get moved or damaged during the fit-out.

We understand that things don’t always go to plan—there might be construction delays, or any number of issues.

If it’s likely your venue won’t be ready in time, contact your Account Manager as soon as possible and reschedule the install for a date that’s suitable.

Do you have an iPhone/Android App for reporting? Is this live?

Your Impos POS system integrates smoothly with the Impos Analytics app, meaning you have access to all your reports and sales data in real-time, from your mobile device. All the information available on the app is what’s available through the Yellowfin online portal, so what you see on your smartphone is the same as what you’ll see on your POS terminal.

What are the phone app ordering options?

We’ve partnered with phone app ordering platforms Menulog, Hey You, Mobi2Go, and SmartOrdering, to give you a range of options for your customers. Each one has its own particular benefits, so have a read of our Order Ahead page for more information, and choose the one that’s right for your venue.

What are your support options?

Every venue is different, so we offer a range of support options to keep you covered, no matter your business:

Basic Support

The basic package to keep your venue running. You get:

  • 9am-5pm phone support
  • free access to Impos Reporting and payment integrations.

Suitable for: venues that are open during the day only, and don’t rely heavily on integrations like order-ahead apps, bar tab management, reservations, or membership.

Ideal venues:

  • business-hours cafes
  • lunch bars and cafeterias
  • schools
  • Government facilities.

Premium Support

Our most popular support option. You get:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • free accounting and Impos Analytics integration
  • access to all our third-party integrations.

Suitable for: venues that operate outside of business hours and can’t wait until the next day to get problems fixed. Also important for venues that rely on our third-party integrations like loyalty and membership, reservation and booking, tab management, and order-ahead apps

Ideal venues:

  • early-morning cafes
  • bakeries
  • bars
  • pubs and clubs
  • restaurants
  • food trucks
  • wineries
  • quick service restaurants.

Platinum Support

Our complete support package. You get:

  • all Premium services
  • free loan equipment for up to 14 days
  • free support call-out within the metro area
  • 25% discount on new software.

Suitable for: venues that operate outside regular business hours, bigger and busier venues, and any venue that needs immediate system or hardware support.

Ideal venues:

  • busy night clubs
  • large pubs
  • café and fast food chains
  • hotels
  • hospital facilities.

Corporate Support

For businesses operating across five or more venues. You get all Platinum services, with a 25% discount.

Suitable for:

  • restaurateurs with multiple business ventures
  • large-scale organisations
  • hospitality chains.

Ideal venues:

  • café and fast food chains
  • restaurant and hotel groups
  • Government facilities.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Support package, give our Accounts team a call on 1300 308 615 and discuss the options available to you.

What are your staff management and scheduling options?

Your new Impos POS system gives you a number of options to better manage and schedule your staff.

Impos time and attendance

The Impos clock in/clock out feature captures your staff hours more accurately, with your staff logging in at the POS terminal.

Whether it’s by PIN, swipe card, proximity band, or fingerprint scanner, you’ll get a more accurate record of your staff hours.


We’ve partnered with cloud-based work scheduling and people management platform, Deputy, to give you a one-stop-shop for roster creation, timesheeting, and payroll admin.

Your POS exports all your sales data directly to Deputy. Its simple terminal clock-in feature lets you capture employee hours accurately. You can use this information to create smarter employee schedules and send them directly to your staff.

You’ll get a total weekly wage cost, so you can see in real-time your labour vs sales efficiency. Deputy takes the headache out of rostering and staff management.


BoxSuite is an intuitive online platform for rostering, attendance, payroll, and cost analysis. Your Impos POS system integrates with BoxSuite to give you a staff management tool that’s available anywhere, at any time.

You get:

  • a free mobile site
  • real-time data
  • a digital punch clock
  • payroll integration
  • roster creation (including automated shift fill and swapping)
  • budget analysis.

Will I be notified if there is a new version of the system available?

Yes. We’ll send you an email every time we create a new system version, giving you the details on what’s new, and when it will come into effect.

We’ll also post a Product Update in learn.impos.com.au so you can read about the upgrade in more detail.

Learn more about Impos’ features today to get a POS system that helps improve your workplace efficiency.