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MODA Sparkling Tastes Great and Saves Your Venue Money

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The MODA Sparkling Water System was born in Italy out of a desire to mirror the taste and quality of the highest end bottled water. Their in-house sparkling water system delivers a compelling array of bottom-line and operational benefits for restaurants, cafes and bars.


MODA Sparkling provides an outstanding opportunity to increase profits, streamline your business and make an environmental statement. With MODA’s range of advanced, compact and versatile systems you can extend your menu to other evolving drink lines, and complement your fit out with their wide range of taps and finishes.

Their latest client is Noma Australia, obviously a very high-profile client, however top tier restaurants are not the only clients moving away from bottled water.

Middle Eastern restaurant, Sefa Kitchen, made the move to MODA last year. Owner Utku Ayhan explains, “It’s just saved us so much in terms of ordering and handling as well as fridge space. Our customer proposition hasn’t changed, when we seat people we ask ‘still or sparkling?’ The product speaks for itself in terms of taste and effervescence, what’s more our margins are better and if anything we are selling more sparkling water. Staff love it too – and that also works for me”.

Italian by design, local by definition, MODA aligns with one of the most positive trends in hospitality today, in that it enables operators to localise supply.

Chef Kylie Kwong is also a fan of MODA’s still and sparkling water.

“MODA has enabled us to localise our water supply rather than extracting it bottle by bottle from the other side of the world. While on an operational level the system has helped to streamline our business, reduce costs and ultimately improve our bottom-line. And of course it tastes great – the perfect complement to our menu and evolving wine list.”

For a limited time, MODA is offering Impos­ clients the larger capacity 120L system that will suit just about any venue for the price of the smaller system at just $44/week all-inclusive. Contact: Andy Campion on 1800-265526 | [email protected] | www.modasparkling.com ­