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How to Make Your Food Truck Stand Out From the Crowd

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Do you own a food truck, but “wheely” want it to stand out from the rest of the crowd? Well read on to find out how…

With the increasing trend of food trucks, it can be quite competitive for business owners. Whilst it can sometimes be challenging to balance costs, planning, stock and all else involved in running your business, having that competitive advantage doesn’t come easy. If you’re not standing out from the crowd, you may have some homework to do.

Here are a few tips that can help you drive your truck to the top of the list for your prospective customers.

Know the market inside out

This is the first step! Make sure you know what your target patrons want. Observe the market, find out what your competitors are offering, where they are parking, where they are NOT parking, what’s working and what’s not.

Once you get an indication of this, you can then decide what to offer and WHERE! Change your menu if you have to. Offering something that is trending, or something that the audience can’t get from your competitors, will definitely help you stand out!

Once your menu is looking hot, LOCATION is the next thing to think about. You want to be at the right place at the right time. To get the word out about your business, you’ll want to be hitting up the right markets and events where there are mass crowds. This will naturally help you show off your appeal, boost your turnover, and create a brand for yourself.

Additionally, during the quiet periods, research where your competitors AREN’T going. Having less competition helps you stand out too. Find markets, events or even just locations where there are few food options – filling a void certainly helps you grow your prestige.

But if you want to be the centre of attention amongst the buzz, you need something DIFFERENT…

Provide a unique sell

Dum & Dumpling food truck owner John Austin offers the following advice for food truck owners.

“Make sure you are 100% on your research and product as there needs to be a point of difference that punters want”.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “What do I have that my competitors don’t?” If you can’t answer this question with a WOW factor, this is something you need to work on. Having unique selling propositions will help raise awareness of your food truck.

Don’t just aim to stand out in the buzz, but BE THE BUZZ!

Tweak your menu or create a point of difference. Offering something alternative, something that turns heads as your customers walk through the crowd, is what you need. This can definitely create appeal and help you stand out.

Think of the evolution of the famous ‘Cronut’. Combining two of the everlasting faves: the Donut and the Croissant.

Make it a ‘thing’.

Make your social media memorable

Nowadays, social media posts are the go-to when deciding on where and what to eat, so engaging with your audience is crucial! Update or create your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts with quirky or unusual posts that reflect your brand’s personality.

Regularly post photos of your food, specials, events and where your truck will be parked. Replying to comments and messages, also helps lure in your audience.

Make sure your pages have engaging, appealing and RELEVANT hashtags! Leveraging this can also help you spread awareness, especially if you decide to run campaigns.

For example: “Post a photo of our truck with the hashtag #____ and tag your friend for your chance to win a free ____ upon your next visit”.

Having a high ‘followers’ rate also helps to encourage your audience to line up at your truck.

Pimp my truck


One way to pimp your food truck is to transform a US-style school bus, like Dum & Dumpling has done to great effect.

Is your truck, as they would say, ‘lit’? If the light is not shining on your truck, this is probably part of the reason why it isn’t standing out from the crowd.

Your truck needs to be visually captivating. But how do you make it stand out when you’re parked amongst dozens of other competitors? This is why you need a point of difference…

  • Put some shiny rims on
  • Personalise your plate
  • Offer tables and chairs
  • Get some vibrant colours
  • Make your menu visible

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