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Knowing When to Replace Your Point of Sale System

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A lot of factors come into play when you ask yourself this question. You’ve got to think about the age of the system, its functionality, and the size of your business. Are all the parts you need still available? Does it still do everything you need it to?

Below is a quick guide to give you an overview of when you might want to consider replacing your POS system, so you can get the most out of your business, and ensure that your system never crashes during your peak service time again.

A slower, less reliable system

Your current POS system might not be running as fast or as reliably as it once used to. Slower payments mean your queues back up, and customers wait longer for service.

The once-in-a-blue-moon glitch has become a more regular occurrence, system freezes are becoming more common, and you’re even getting the dreaded blue screen of death on your POS terminal.

If your current POS system is breaking down on a regular basis, it’s time to replace it. Regular breakdowns will cost you more money in the long run, and a newer, faster system is an investment that will keep you reaping the benefits for years to come.

Newer systems are easier to use, too. A newer POS system with a graphical, easy-to-use menu makes system training a breeze. You’ll get all the features and functions that you need from your POS terminal, and a faster, more reliable business overall.

Unstable equipment

Your printers break down, your cash drawer sticks, the POS touch screen doesn’t register some key touches, or your barcode scanners register incorrectly.

Here and there, an issue like one of these isn’t too much of a concern, although it is annoying. When these occurrences start happening more and more, it’s time to worry.

Unstable equipment will impact your service, and can even be enough to turn customers away. No one likes having their order forgotten because the printer didn’t print their docket.

You can’t get the parts you need

If you’ve got an older POS system, there’s going to come a time when the parts you need are no longer available.

As well as being embarrassing (who even owns a manual credit card slider these days?), it can be a huge blow for your business and stop service in its tracks.

Newer technology makes older systems obsolete, along with the networking technologies, peripherals, and associated hardware.

In replacing your POS with a modern system means you’ll be moving with the times; you’ll be able to provide faster service, and you’re guaranteed to get replacement hardware and software that suits you.

Your business has grown beyond your current POS system capabilities

It’s what you dreamed of, and have worked towards, since setting up your venue. But with a growing business comes more demand on the POS.

You need more terminals for better service, more functionality out of your equipment, and hardware that’s easier to use. The system you have now might be okay, but you may be finding that with a bigger business some tasks are taking longer than they should.

Upgrading to a newer, faster system will give you all the features you need to run your venue more smoothly, and more efficiently. Imagine how electronic inventory and stock management, remote reporting access, online staff communication, and a mobile POS terminal will improve your business.

With an Impos POS system, you get all this and more. Our systems are scalable, so you can use it whether you run a hole-in-the-wall café, a food truck, or a hotel chain. We’re here to ensure your business grows, and an Impos POS system grows with it.

Your payment platform isn’t keeping up with orders

“The customer is always right,” as the saying goes—and while that’s not always true, it certainly makes sense when it comes to payment. You need it to be fast and reliable.

Tap and go contactless payments are expected nowadays with a whopping four in five (82%) of Australians choosing this as their preferred payment method.

Upgrading to a new POS system can also provide the chance to opt-in to their connected payment platform such as Impos’ ImposPay; providing your customers a faster and more convenient way to pay, while allowing you to save time and money avoiding outdated bank fee’s.

You’re mysteriously losing money

We’re not talking a drop in sales here (and heaven forbid that happens). This is more about the little things.

You might notice more kitchen wastage, or you’re using more coffee beans than you should be, or you’re spending more on staff wages—all these things add up to a significant loss over the course of a year. Keying errors add up, too, and affect your customer service.

Replacing your current POS system with a new, end-to-end solution will let you pinpoint exactly where you’re losing money, and let you make changes as necessary.

The right third-party integrations will let you accurately measure and cost your menu items, so you know exactly what goes into your meals, and your stock is adjusted accordingly.

You’ll be able to get a better handle on your staff hours with accurate, electronic clock-in systems and time-sheeting. This also means less time puzzling over your rosters: everything will be available online, and you can move shifts around with the click of a button.

You don’t get the support that you need

Even if you know your POS system inside out, there’s going to come a time when you need tech support. But if you’re running on an older POS system, the support you need might not be available.

This could be due to technical limitations, unqualified staff, or unsuitable support hours; whatever the reason, a lack of technical support when you need it can bring your business to a standstill.

At Impos, we offer 24-hour phone support, seven days a week, 365 days a year, so you’re covered whenever you need us.

Replacing your POS system means that you get the latest technology to play with, and tech support staff that know these products like the back of their hand.

It makes financial sense to upgrade

Financially, it could be a good time for you to replace your POS system. Think about how long you’ve been using your current one. If your current POS is fully depreciated, a new system might actually cost less, when you think about the tax savings.

With our reliance on technology these days, it’s practical to think of the technology you use as a regular, ongoing business expense.

As technology advances, so should your point of sale system. If you’ve experienced any of the issues above, there’s a good chance you need to replace your POS.

With a range of payment and leasing options, choosing a new Impos POS system for your café, bar, or restaurant or —whatever your venue—is affordable for just about anyone.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 1300 308 615 and see the difference that a new POS system makes in your service and sales. Alternatively, contact us online today.