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Impos Plus Version 5.21 Released

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Click here for the latest version of Impos Plus.

We recently released a new version of our premium POS product, Impos Plus. Impos Plus powers 2,000 venues including many hatted restaurants, industry-leading cafes and boutique bars.

Impos Plus 5.21 is the latest version of the product that reflects our new branding and enhances the overall performance of the software.


More than just a POS, Impos Plus is a full suite of products that run a business end-to-end. Plus offers a complete POS feature set along with all third-party integrations including MYOB, Deputy, ResDiary, Yellowfin, PayPal, Xero, PC Eftpos, Tyro and Hey You. Impos Plus also includes Front Office, Back Office, Membership, Delivery and an Inventory Module. It is a fast, effective and durable system that is compatible with all Android, iPad and Windows products, along with multiple payments and printing products.

Impos Plus customers a offered a high-level of customer support. Impos employees have extensive hospitality experience and work around the clock to ensure the running of a successful business.

Impos Plus was built to see the hospitality industry thrive. Below are the latest features associated with the release of Impos Plus version 5.21.

Login Screen

The Impos Login Screen has received a makeover and now reflects our updated branding. A new pop up to inform staff that they are signed in means greater clarity and fewer mistakes for our timekeeping feature. The time for Front Office to open has been reduced with UX to reflect the process of the software loading. The new UX design of the software clearly shows the actions performed by the POS.

Deal Groups

Improvements have been made to Deal Groups so that entry of both items is required in order to trigger the deal. This allows for greater flexibility in promoting mixed product deals. For example, a latte and a cake will trigger the Deal Group, but two lattes will not.

Promotional Vouchers

The update allows the printing of authority and date restricted barcoded Promotional Vouchers from the Front Office. Discounts, once setup in the Back Office, can now be printed in Front Office by users with the appropriate authority level. Custom messages can be created to convey the reason behind the discount. Multiple Promotional Vouchers can be printed at the same time. The vouchers are printed out from the receipt printer and are valid for a custom date range. The vouchers are then redeemed through a barcode scanner and each voucher is set to a single use to ensure accurate reporting.

Print last receipt from Login Screen

After processing your client’s transaction and being logged out, users now have the ability to quickly print the last transaction from the Login Screen without having to pass an authority check.

Check Access options

Our Check Access screen now presents a range of options to transfer tabs, tables and orders as well as access to payment information for any live orders in the system. No need to pre-print bills or dive into the ‘table info’ feature; the clear UX means that essential order and billing information is available in one spot. Easily start a tab, link it to tables, transfer orders or jump into the table floor plan all from the Check Access screen in Recall. The loading speed of the Tab Screen has been improved and the tab selection screen has been enhanced so that full names and details can be viewed when multiple tabs are linked to one table.

Database stability

We’ve strengthened our database to enhance user experience. This means greater speed when using the software. We now preload our user displays to improve speed. This means greater performance and the ability to accommodate more two-way communication.


After rigorous testing in our beta environment, we now have an accounting integration with our partner, OneSaas. The integration means your sales and payment data can be pushed over to OneSaas and be synced to MYOB AccountRight, QuickBooks Online or Xero accounting software.

Our ResDiary integration now sends two-way billing information. This means you can access order information from the ResDiary online platform.

Tyro Pay@Table is also now available. This integration allows customers to use their PIN or contactless payment to securely pay, split their bill and tip without leaving the table. Also, your POS won’t be locked while bills are being settled so you can process payments quickly and turn tables faster.

Bug fixes

Various bug fixes have been made relating to Time and Attendance in Impos, Deputy export, timesheet adjustments, employee messages, linking of stock to menu items, deleting stock items and RFID scanners.

Click here for the latest version of Impos Plus.