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Impos latest release of software – Version 6.50

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The fastest and most reliable POS software for the hospitality industry just got even better, with Impos announcing its 6.50 update now available.

The Impos platform simplifies business for those across the hospitality industry, with streamlined operations that cover real-time cloud reporting, ordering, payments, high-end integrations and inventory management.

Impos has been one of the leading POS platforms for more than a decade and the latest update provides even more benefits to those within the sector.

So, here is what you can expect from the latest update.

An overview of the 6.50 update

While Impos has always provided fast and reliable software, this update takes the platform to
a new level:

● Users will glide through menus and newly designed table layout plan – we’ve made it easier to transfer between Tables, Tabs and Orders and added some new features along the way

● The ability for customers to split any bill has been added so there is no longer a limitation to just table versions. You can split by amount or by cover number – it’s up to you.

● You can now target your discounting, with options to limit these cuts to a group of items, limited price points (a percentage off a certain dollar value) and floored discounts.

● A new interface gives you access to almost every option you need on one screen. By opening the Floor Plan in the new check access screen, you now have table functions on the left and check information and functions on the right.

Changes to the refund and reverse options

These options have been significantly optimised in the Impos Front Office Module. The biggest change is that refunds are no longer available for bills that have been finalised.

Now, users go through the reverse function which will put the funds back into the accounts they originated from. It is now also possible to refund an individual’s payment within a total bill. In the new check access screen, an individual payment can be isolated and refunded.

Making accepting tips easier

Just because fewer people pay cash these days does not mean staff should miss out on tips for quality service. Now, there are different ways you can accept tips in the Impos software update.

Enjoy the option of selecting ‘Accept tips’ on the payment screen, while there is also the option to enforce all spare change as tips, if the customer desires.

Easy management of tabs

Some customers may want to pay off their Tab, but keep it open for later use. This is now possible through the system update with the options to close tab or pay only appearing when the account is settled.

If you need to close this tab later on, it can still be done through the check access screen.

Issues fixed in the update

Modern payment methods like – integrated pay partners ANZ Bladepay and Tyro Pay Table – had some teething problems, but these have all been resolved. Cloud integrations have also been fixed through the new partnership with Doshii.

Additionally, general speed of the system has been drastically improved – particularly for larger Tabs and Tables.

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