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How Impos Connects Your Venue

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Impos is much more than a point of sale system. Our system talks to every piece of equipment needed to see your business thrive. To help your venue run as smoothly as possible we have integrated with the following third party applications. From accounting, to rostering, reporting, payment, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


Tyro ­­

Impos and Eftpos banking provider Tyro have joined forces to bring the hospitality industry an end-to-end POS and payments solution. With Tyro you can now serve more customers, increase productivity and accelerate your business’ growth. Keep your queues moving by eliminating the need for double entries, abolishing keying errors and more reconciliation. By streamlining your back office you can improve your bottom line and do what you do best – focus on your customers. There are no transaction limits, lock-in contracts, set up costs, admin or break fees, and payments can be made from all major Eftpos, credit and debit cards with Tyro. Integrate accounting, banking, payment and point of sale to get easier access to working capital, allowing you to accelerate your business’ growth.


More than one million Australian businesses, accountants and bookkeepers choose MYOB’s accounting software. MYOB allows you to better manage finances, boost profitability and make better business decisions with a real time view of the finances. Save time by increasing productivity and spend more time doing the things you love. MYOB is much more than accounting software; connect a range of solutions and apps that are tailored to your industry or business needs. With more than 40,000 partners working for you, MYIB has Australia’s largest network of accountants, bookkeepers and consultants on hand ready to help your business succeed.


Perfect for small businesses, Xero is an online accounting software used to manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping and more. Xero allows you to easily deal with the pile of expense claims in the room, plus automation makes the bank reconciliation a piece of cake. Create recurring invoices, track sales and purchases, manage payroll, create customer purchase orders, schedule payments, easily handle personal expenses, and batch pay suppliers. Using the Xero dashboard helps keep a tight rein on your business numbers.


Impos has partnered with cloud-based work scheduling and people management platform, Deputy, to help hospitality managers save time. Impos customers have access to Deputy’s intelligent work scheduling, timesheet management and employee communication tools. Optimise staffing, manage wage costs more efficiently and develop long-term planning strategies around roster management. Schedule employees based on sales forecasts to minimise wage costs and maximise efficiency benefits through better staff management and communication with Deputy.


Flexischools is Australia’s leading provider of online ordering and cashless systems for schools. With over 1,000 schools and 18 million orders processed, Flexischools is the all-in-one solution making your school services more efficient, profitable and accessible. Flexischools streamlines the payment, ordering and processing of purchases – right across your school campus including canteen, uniforms, events, excursions, fundraisers and fees. With minimal cost, your school can remove cash, reduce staff workloads and provide parents with the convenience of interacting with your school 24/7.


Trusted by more than one million customers globally, QuickBooks Online makes it easy to access and manage your finances in real time. Get a real time view of your business and keep track of the money coming in and out of your business all in one easy-to-use place. Always know where you stand and plan where your business is heading. Download the QuickBooks Online Mobile App and take pictures of your receipts on your phone so you can capture expenses on the go. Less paperwork means more time for your business. Automatically download, categorise, reconcile bank and credit card transactions, record expenses for tax time, and get paid as soon as you invoice with PayPal and Credit Cards using QuickBooks Online.


ResDiary is Australia’s favourite restaurant manager. ResDiary allows customers to find your restaurant or cafe online and make a reservation, which is sent directly to your venue’s point of sale system. Using ResDiary allows you to spend more time with your customers, instead of being tied up on the phone and responding to emails. The marketing power behind ResDiary means that customers can be reached even while your venue is closed. Receive bookings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ResDiary is accessible anywhere and on any device. Enjoy automated reservation notifications and confirmations, build guest profiles and a database for remarketing and accept deposits and payments with ease.


Hey You

Hey You is Australia’s leading order ahead and payment app that allows your venue to save valuable time. Hey You allows customers to beat the queues, save favourite their orders, modify orders and even let you know how far away from your venue they are. With payment processing done directly, increasing your venue’s sales becomes effortless. Hey You also enhances the discoverability of your venue, with thousands of people using the app to look for new venues everyday. One in four Australians purchase through their mobile every month. Offering Hey You mobile ordering means you can capture an increasing amount of this consumer trend. Customers spend up to 30% more when purchasing through their phone and can be retained easily with our mobile loyalty schemes built in. Service speed is increased with Hey You, allowing for more orders to be processed and more revenue to be made.


Clipp is a mobile payments solution for the hospitality industry and seamlessly integrates with Impos Point of Sale. Payments are guaranteed on all Clipp transactions, with settlement the next business day. Customers open and close tabs all from their phones, allowing your staff to focus on customer service. This results in faster service, shorter queues and more customers served. Consumers across the hospitality industry are highly motivated by promotions and value for money. Make your venue shine by offering rewards. Drive higher revenue and repeat business with Clipp and Impos Point of Sale.


RoomKeyPMS is your single, integrated hotel software provider. The RoomKeyPMS hotel management system is a cloud-based PMS that is easy-to-use for front desk staff, yet provides robust management reporting with live 24/7 signature support. Integrating seamlessly, Impos and RoomKeyPMS work together to provide your guests with a great experience. While Impos is specifically designed to look after your restaurant, cafe or function centre, RoomKeyPMS acts as your reservations and front desk, managing individual and group bookings. With a commission free online booking engine and direct connects to all the major OTAs including Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, Orbitz and others, RoomKeyPMS can help save you time and money.



Impos and MyGuestlist work together to help reduce your workload while satisfying your customers. Target your customers based on how much they’ve spent, what items they’ve purchased, when and how often. Send emails or text messages to your entire customer database, or filter your database to only those that have purchased particular food or beverage items. Live sync between MyGuestlist web-platform and Impos allows you to have the one universal database without to need to import and export all the time. Communicate to particular customers based on how much they have purchased and target your highest spenders to help increase revenue. 



Cooking The Books

Impos has partnered with web-based operational management provider, Cooking The Books, to help you run your business proficiently. Cooking The Books helps hospitality business owners and managers track stock levels, manage food pricing and enable electronic ordering and invoicing to run more efficiently. Cooking The Books integrates seamlessly with your venue’s point of sale system. Impos monitors your venue’s sales and Cooking The Books tracks stock levels from the kitchen. This enables you to better understand your venue’s cost of goods verses actual costs, and provides a more accurate record of the running cost of goods. With Cooking The Books you can also identify potential cost efficiencies, meet your monthly stock targets and ensure all stock coming in and going out of the business is accounted for. Run your business more effectively by reaching your food cost targets and knowing more about your stock requirements. Make better business decisions with Impos and Cooking The Books.

PC Eftpos

PC-Eftpos is the leading supplier of integrated Eftpos payment solutions in Australia. Together Impos and PC-Eftpos bring a range of venues integrated point of sale and payment solutions. PC-Eftpos allows for sales information to be passed from your point of sale software directly to various bank merchant Eftpos terminals. When you engage PC-Eftpos you will receive a pin pad from your bank. The sales information is transmitted from the point of sale system to the pin pad via either USB or serial connection. This is designed to avoid user error on the merchant terminal and streamline so users only have to key sales total in once. Sales are streamlined and service is improved with Impos and PC-Eftpos’ integrated payment solution.


Restaurant and café online ordering is made easy with Mobi2Go. Reduce in store wait times, increase revenue and strengthen customer loyalty by providing online conveniences for your customers with Mobi2Go. Saying goodbye to phone orders and manual entry means a reduction in errors with orders going straight to your point of sale system in real time. Mobi2Go also allows you to control everything online, manage busy times, control your operating hours and watch your live sales. Mobi2Go is used by hundreds of cafes, restaurants and QSRs in more than 300 cities around the world, and generates millions in monthly revenue for clients.


Ezy Systems

Ezy Systems is an Australian owned software development company specialising in winery management. Ezy Systems consolidates all winery procedures into one comprehensive package that can be easily utilised by all the staff. With Ezy Systems you no longer need to run separate general ledger, stock control, bottling, asset register, payroll, vineyard management, marketing, production planning, mail order, winemaking, plant servicing and budgeting packages. This integration streamlines procedures and removes any double handling, therefore increasing your business’ revenue.


PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay online without sharing financial details, send and receive money or accept credit and debit cards as a seller. PayPal’s merchant services make it easier for you to get paid. Online, on mobile, in person or by email, anywhere you do business. Manage all your payments and access additional with a single PayPal business account. When your customer has paid, the money’s usually in your PayPal account in just moments. Withdraw it to your bank account, pay suppliers or spend it wherever PayPal’s accepted. Save your venue time and hassles with PayPal.

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