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Impos is excited to partner with payo

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Impos is committed to bringing you the latest and most innovative integrations designed to streamline operations for your hospitality business, and make your life easier. We are excited to partner with payo, who has recently launched a new and faster way for customers to pay, with their new payo checkout offering. payo also pioneered Australia’s first eat now, pay later platform exclusive to the hospitality industry.

Payo checkout, the new time saving platform, is rolling out now across payo’s partnering restaurants and beyond. Enabling customers to pay their bill in seconds, payo checkout’s unique offering increases customer satisfaction, removing wait times for the bill without the need to sign up to an app. Customers can enjoy their meal at the table and check themselves out using the unique payo checkout QR code on the table.

Each table’s uniquely branded QR code is fully integrated into the venue’s point of sale system, allowing contactless payment, bringing up the bill when scanned, after a customer completes their meal. From there, customers can add a card or select from three different payment options including Apple Pay, Google Pay or payo where they have the option to pay in 4 interest-free, equal instalments.

To use payo checkout, an app download is not required to make payment, making it a smooth payment process for the customer. No more awkward conversations about who ordered what and no more complaining about service from having to wait too long for the bill or not getting the waitstaff’s attention. Those paying with payo checkout can easily pay the bill when they like, split the bill and leave a tip.

Built by hospo for hospo, payo’s new self-checkout offering is also designed to address inefficiencies and streamline workflows, with over 30% of waitstaffs’ time spent on managing bill payments. The first of its kind to market, it is also helping provide solutions for other challenges facing the hospitality industry, including staffing shortages which has become an increasing issue in the current, pandemic climate. This allows restaurants to welcome more customers into their venues, due to a faster turnover time through payo checkout.

Co-Founder and CEO of payo, Taf Chiwanza, said, “Hospitality still has many dated practices . As an example, a table of 8 that wants to split a bill will wait to scan a payment terminal and the staff has to enter the amount 8 times. Payo checkout’s split the bill option solves this problem. We are changing up how things have been done for decades. The same way grocery stores revolutionised the payment process with self-checkouts, we are now doing this for restaurants. Table technology is a growing channel that is increasingly being adopted by venues across Australia.”

Businesses can implement this offering with payo’s easy set up process:

  • Register your business with payo
  • The onboarding team will attend your venue to set up
  • Match the QR codes to the tables in your POS
  • Start receiving payments from your customers!

Enquire today to get payo checkout at your hospitality venue.