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It’s no secret that all aspects of our daily life are being enhanced or changed by technology, but a complete digital overhaul – to the point that society becomes completely cashless – may not be too far around the corner. As a hospitality professional, your day-to-day is likely spent juggling a multitude of tasks in order to keep operations running smoothly. Add on the layer of COVID-19 safety precautions and recovery planning and it’s easy for things to pile up pretty quickly.

The launch of ImposPay is strategically timed as consumers are returning to restaurants in droves around the country, and we want to support business needs that have fundamentally changed throughout the past 18 months. With 16 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, the launch of ImposPay brings together a proven innovative POS platform, contactless integrated payments, online ordering, advanced learning, and analytics solutions, designed to create a powerful easy to use hospitality platform to ensure your hospitality business thrives.

ImposPay are the provider that unifies payments, so your customers have a seamless shopping experience no matter where, when, or how they want to pay. Even better, ImposPay’s advanced POS terminals integrate automatically with your existing system to deliver fast, secure transactions at every customer touchpoint be it online, in person or a multi-channel combination tailored to your business.

Save with an all-in-one solution – by integrating your POS to a powerful backend, you will have more visibility over inventory, can follow every transaction in every channel in real-time and realise operational efficiencies with features like Pay at Table and Dynamic Surcharging across your business.

Smart automation – gone are the hassles of overwhelming and manual end-of-day functions like cross-checking and reconciliations.

Smart acceptance – capture customer payments from the counter, at the table or anywhere in your venue and accept many payment types including credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet.

See your money sooner – bring cashflow forward with same day funding every day of the week.

Local 24/7 support & bullet proof technology – our experts are on call and on the ground whenever you need help, and the technology is fully redundant to ensure no interruptions.

Plug and Play – set up your POS without worry and be up and running without interruption.

Accept every payment – connect with over 500 providers and never miss a payment in any channel.

Single-view dashboard – simplify your reporting and know more about your customers at a glance.

Full security – each transaction is checked for fraud plus you are automatically PCI-compliant.

ImposPay promises to deliver competitive pricing with business software customised to your specific business needs.