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Impos Delivers 5 Core Benefits to you and your Business

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Impos offers a number of hospitality solutions to ensure your business thrives. No matter what style of venue you run, Impos has a product to suit; our POS solutions are designed from the ground up for your environment.
Here are the five core benefits that a system like Impos brings to you and your business.

Industry compatible

Impos is as much a part of the hospitality industry as cocktails and coffee. Whether you have 200 seats or two seats, you’re a fine dining establishment or a hole-in- the-wall café, our system will benefit you. Impos is built by the industry, for the industry.

Service and support

Impos is more than just POS. We consult and advise on how to operate better in the hospitality space. The Impos support team works around the clock to ensure that your system runs smoothly. Our support lines are answered 24 hours a day, every day of the year, and our average wait time is less than three minutes. The tech support team members are IT graduates and experienced in the hospitality field so you know you’ll be talking to someone who knows their stuff.

Industry knowledge

We understand that you want more than just a POS system, that’s why we offer great service and advice. Impos employees hold an average of more than nine years experience working in hospitality, so we are able to share our industry knowledge. Service is in our DNA; everything we do is geared towards your venue thriving.

Reduce costs

Impos reduces costs by eliminating issues such as food waste, leakage, incorrect stock keeping, order mistakes and high labour costs. These overheads and more all work to erode your bottom line. Impos works to eradicate them.

Increase sales

Impos offers a marketing module, as well as third-party integrations to help target your venue marketing and increase sales. Keep customers up to date with current promotions and encourage them to return time and time again. Impos can help you increase sales, attract new customers and provide better service.

If you’re looking for a point of sale system that ticks all of the above boxes, give Impos a call on 1300 308 615 today.