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How Much Can The Right POS and Payments Bundle Solution Save Your Restaurant

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Whether you’re entrenched in the restaurant industry or buying groceries for yourself and your family, it’s obvious that food prices have been particularly volatile. What started in mid-2021, largely due to the effects and side effects of the pandemic, has unfortunately continued in earnest.

Challenges in the supply chain, increasing fertilizer and feed costs, extreme weather, and wars have all had their impact felt. In addition to food and supplies, restaurants are also facing rising labor and construction costs.

In response, and to keep a modicum of profits, restaurants began raising prices. The industry made headlines in April 2023 when, for the first time since inflation began accelerating, increasing restaurant prices outpaced grocery prices. While food-away-from-home prices rose 8.8% year-over-year, food-at-home increased by 8.4%.

Thinking of ways to shrink wastage and save money is a constant cause of angst for restaurant owners, which is why it is crucial to constantly being doing a stocktake of your suppliers.

With inflation at an all time high, it is important to dedicate the time to look at the costs associated with your suppliers across the board. This includes your point of sale (POS) and payments platform.

Whether you’re already part of the Impos family, seeking to boost efficiency and slash payment costs, or you’re ready to make the switch to a game-changing solution, Impos have got you covered with $0 EFTPOS when switching over to their Impos and ImposPay Bundle solution.

The POS and Payments Bundle will save the average restaurant a whopping $14,000 per year with $0 EFTPOS.*

ImposPay’s advanced POS terminals also integrate automatically with your existing POS system to deliver fast, secure transactions at every customer touchpoint be it online, in person or a multi-channel combination tailored to your business.

*savings based on the annual earnings of the average Australian restaurant