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Getting the Most from Your POS

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There’s no question that your Impos POS system will help you speed up your ordering, improve your customer service, and help your venue run more efficiently.

So you can use your POS to its full potential, here are some of our favourite features and top tips, to make sure you’re getting the most from your POS system.

Impos Analytics

Impos Analytics is your one-stop reporting dashboard—but you get much, much more than that.

This Business Intelligence tool lets you visualise every bit of information that your venue creates, in an easy-to-read, graphical format. You’re able to click through each report to the data underneath, giving you the ability to track every single aspect of your business.

These reports are generated in real-time, so you get the most up-to-date information at the click of a button, or you can choose a date and time that you’re looking for, and go over your historical information.

The online portal is easy to use, and because it’s online, you can access it wherever you go. No more waiting around to run reports in the wee hours, either; you can schedule a report from home, and have it emailed directly to you.

Impos Analytics gives you a way to completely understand your venue from the inside out, helps you make smarter decisions, and gives you everything you need to grow your business.

Our tip

You can customise the reports that appear on your Daily Dashboard. Once you’ve worked out which ones you use the most, set these to appear when you log in so you get an immediate snapshot of your venue.

Impos Membership

Impos Membership has everything you need to keep your customers coming back time and time again—you just need to focus on providing the best service you can.

Use Impos Membership to create your own Loyalty cards; whether it’s for a points system, discounts, or a pre-paid cash card, you can use our system to customise your Membership program the way you want it.

You’re also able to create a comprehensive database of all your regular customers, from their name and birthday, through to their regular spending habits or spend per week. This not only lets you get to know them better but, used in conjunction with our third-party Loyalty integrations, you can use this information to market directly to them.

Our tip

Run a regular report to see who your best customers are. If you notice they haven’t been in for a while, send them a voucher for a free favourite item the next time they’re in store.

This not only gives them an incentive to come back, but lets them know that you value them as a customer. It also increases your reputation as a friendly venue. And after all, isn’t this what customer service is about?

Make the most of mobile POS

In this day and age, everyone wants everything faster. A mobile POS solution lets you deliver faster service to your customers, without losing any of the functionality of a traditional POS terminal.

With our range of Android tablets and Apple iPads you get a POS terminal that you can take out to your customers. No more waiting around to pay; your staff will be able to get to your tables quicker, take payments easier, and reduce the number of trips they need to make.

You’ll have faster service, higher table turn, and your customers will feel like they’re getting better service.

Our tip

Get the tablet bundle that comes with our ImposPay payments terminal. More on that later.

Product information available on your POS

While it might not sound that impressive, having product information available in your POS menu will make all the difference to your customers.

Your Impos POS menu lets you input everything you staff will need to know, such as coffee origins, wine tasting notes, or nutritional information.

Say you’ve got a new starter—are they going to remember every tasting note on their first day? Having this information available on hand lets your staff stay on top of your products, and gives your customers confidence that you know what your business is about.

Our tip

Every now and then, organise a staff training session to get everyone across all the necessary information for your products.

Get staff input on what they need to know when they’re out on the floor, and then have this information uploaded to your menu.

It’ll serve as a memory-jogger in those forgetful moments, and your customers will appreciate your expert knowledge.

Stock Management

Our Stock Management module lets you monitor and manage your stock, all through your POS terminal. We’ve partnered with kitchen management platform Cooking the Books so you get complete control over your kitchen and stock.

You get real-time information, meaning you always know what you have available, so you can manage your ordering and inventory more efficiently. You’re able to measure and monitor every ingredient down to the gram, so every time you sell an item or make a dish, each separate ingredient is amended in your POS inventory.

You’re able to set notifications so you’re alerted any time your stock drops below a certain level—or even schedule a purchase order to be sent to your supplier when this happens, so you don’t even have to worry about re-ordering.

With Impos Stock Management, you get better oversight of your inventory, and an easier way to monitor what’s leaving your kitchen; you can track your wastage more accurately, and actually use this information to make reductions, and save your business money.

Our tip

You can use Cooking to Books to keep track of stock item prices. It can keep you across all price changes, and give you a head start on finding a new supplier.

Payment integrations

Impos launched our own payments platform back in 2021 – ImposPay, designed to provide a one-stop-shop to simplify, scale and grow your hospitality business.

In addition, our range of third party payment options gives you a way to offer your customers more ways to pay. With our credit card integrations Tyro and PC-EFTPOS, you get some of the fastest credit card processing in the business.

These platforms come with their own portable devices, so your customers can pay right at their table, and there’s less room for errors resulting from double-handling.

Our tip

Go with our POS and Payments Bundle solution and avoid those monthly fees – this is by far the most cost effective solution for any growing hospitality venue.

Restaurant Booking integrations

Everyone wants to do everything with their smartphones these days, and making a reservation is no different. With our Restaurant Booking integrations you can tap into this increasing market, and make it easier for your customers to book a table at your venue.

We’ve integrated with reservation platforms Resy and OpenTable, to give your customers more options to book.

They can use these apps to book a table 24/7, meaning you can take bookings while you sleep. These integrations relay all their information directly to your POS system, meaning every booking is captured and your diary is updated in real-time.

Customers can even choose to finalise their bill using their online reservation app—so not only do they get an easier way to grab a table, they get an easier way to pay.

Our tip

OpenTable’s app lets customers leave reviews, so encourage your customers to do the same. More reviews means better visibility and more customers, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Learn more about Impos’ POS features to see how if can improve efficiency at your venue!