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Top Point of Sale FAQs

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Does Impos allow for pre-ordering and simple online reservations?

Yes it does. Impos utilises the latest reservations systems to allow your business to function at its optimum. Our integration means we offer everything from pre-order, reservation and paging systems to latest generation mobile payment apps. All of this is designed to shorten the queues and increase revenue at your venue.


Does Impos offer CCTV?

Yes. Impos offers an advanced CCTV security option. It allows you to capture activity throughout your venue, ensuring you can keep an eye on staff and patrons with ease.

What about loyalty?

Impos keeps punters returning to your venue again and again with our own market leading membership module plus Myguestlist which is industry standard third party software.

Does Impos allow staff to clock on and off?

Yes. Staff can clock-on and clock-off, either using a unique PIN, wristband, swipe card or biometrics.

You can also track labour costs by entering an hourly rate per staff member. This enables you to generate reports showing labour as a percentage of revenue, plus other key analytics.

Which accounting software does Impos integrate with?

We integrate with all major accounting systems including: MYOB, QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, KashFlow, Xero, SageOne and Saasu.

Do you offer stock control?

Yes. This is a vital aspect to any serious hospitality venue. Impos is king of low stock variance. We can say with confidence that our stock module is an industry leading piece of software that rules the roost in this area. Our quality stock control module will allow your venue to run at stock variance rates hovering around 1%.

How does the POS system help me track my staff?

Impos allows you to track all staff activity with unique logins. Comprehensive activity reports can be used to run incentive programs for staff. This means they will become more conscious of their work and time management when they know their performance is being monitored, measured and rewarded.

Do you offer digital menu board / signage options?

State-of-the-art digital signage system is an ideal tool to better promote, inform, educate and entertain your Patrons. Impos not only displays your menu in vivid colour but is scalable to allow for promotions and live tv and the showcasing of specials and menu changes. Our day-parting allows you to maximise revenue whilst minising staff requirements.

Does Impos integrate with EFTPOS machines?

Yes – via Tyro! With integrated EFTPOS, the POS system talks to the EFTPOS terminal, helping to turn over tables faster and increasing staff’s productivity. Impos integrates with industry leading payment gateway Tyro offering a seamless and complete service. This means there’s no messing around re-keying sales into your terminals or getting frustrated when tills don’t balance.

Impos is one of the fastest pos systems – why does that matter?

If you’re not buying one of the fastest pos systems on the market – then you shouldn’t be buying. The latency of some slower systems will slow down your business and reduce profitability during the times when you should be making the most. A good indication of how fast the system is, can be garnered by finding out how prevalent the system is in the nightclub and bar scene – this is the environment where speed matters most.

Why do I need to subscribe to support for the first 12 months?

The first 12 months is when you will most likely require Impos help and assistance. Every transaction your business does will run through your POS system and it is crucial that our gun support team is there to lend a helping hand. Impos support is recognised as the best in the industry. Your call will be answered by a real live person in our Melbourne head office 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Even Christmas day!

Why is training done online or at the Impos office, and not in my venue?

There are two reasons for this, the first is so we have your undivided attention, so that you get the most out of training. Secondly, it often allows us to hold training earlier, so that you have a headstart on the system. It means that on the day of install you will have had training and will already be familiar with Impos, allowing you to hit the ground running.

How good is your customer service – really?

This is probably the most important question – which is why we have left it for last. With Impos you are able to access a real live human, any day of the week, any week of the year, even christmas day. Your call will be answered by a technical support person – not an answering service – and the person answering will know your system and your venue and have the ability to get you up and running in no time.