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A Day In the Life of a Hospitality Business Owner

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 Ever wondered what it would actually be like to be in the shoes of a hospitality business owner? Yep, us too!

We’ve heard so many stories about hospitality…our clients often tell us how rewarding it is but also competitive, the risks attached with starting a hospitality business, the irregular hours, the ability to meet amazing people day-in, day-out and overcome diverse challenges.

But we wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, which is why we got the lowdown from a few of our hospitality venues.

If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life

To be a successful hospitality business owner requires a lot of hard work, research and determination. But perhaps the most important trait is PASSION!

Passion goes a long way to appropriately dealing with anything that comes your way when running a hospitality business, such as uncooperative customers, staff and suppliers, keeping up with competitors, time pressures, etc.

“If hospitality is something you love, it’s not going to be a problem but you definitely need to make that commitment,” says Ella at Cuckoo Callay Café.

“You have to be passionate about it and have a strong and genuine point of difference,” says Guy Greenstone, owner of The Local Taphouse. “Look after your people as they’re your number one ambassadors and are the ones who live and breathe what you’re all about.”

The average day of a hospitality business owner

The average day of a business owner can vary a lot; your job description is extensive. You’re not just the owner… sometimes you’ll find yourself being a chef, an accountant, a barista, a bar tender, a cleaner, a waiter/waitress, a hirer, a firer, a social media manager, the list goes on!

So each day can entail a number of things to do…you certainly can’t complain about being stuck inside all day, surrounded by four walls. Look at Ella’s day for example:

“We usually wake up pretty early and call in at Newtown and then we’d go to the gym or something, then we come to the cafe in Surrey hills at, say, midday. We have an office set up here and we do all our office bits and then go over to the restaurant in the evening.

We try to get to each venue every day to check in with the staff. And we’ll have meetings most days, which we usually conduct those at the restaurant or the cafes.”

According to Johnno, owner of Dum & Dumpling Food Truck, a regular day isn’t all fun-and-games. A lot of it is hard work (any hospitality owner who tells you that it’s a breeze is lying). But what keeps Johnno coming back is a passion for meeting and engaging new people:

“A regular day is preparing food, condiments and stock. When we arrive on-site it generally takes a few hours to set up as our bus is a bit different to a usual food truck. Then we cook and serve food.

“Different gigs can be flat out all day, or can be quite slow (we love flat out :))! After we’re done we generally have a big clean out and then try and get some sleep before the next day as gigs can often be 1-5 day events

“…But my favourite part of running the food truck is meeting interesting people at different events, we meet some crackers.”

And yet, for St. Ali owner Salvatore, who has been in hospitality a long time, a regular day for him is, well, fairly regular, except for one pretty cool detail:

“My regular day is unfortunately quite regular. Early morning start. 6am gym. 7am sales meetings. 8am elders meeting. 10am onwards free flow except to say that it is peppered with delicious food, incredible wine and the best coffee of course.”


Of course, some hospitality owners prefer a more hands-off approach. One case in point is Guy Greenstone:

“My own tasks and responsibilities are not in the day-to-day running of the business. That responsibility lies with Toby Martin, our Venue Manager (and Certified Cicerone) and his awesome team, some of whom have been with us for the whole 10 years.

“My main role is behind the scenes and making sure I support Toby and his team and don’t get in the way too much. Justin, my business partner is involved in the operations and Steve, my other partner, looks after the marketing. I just love being there and chatting with all our punters and staff as often as possible, which isn’t as often as I wish it was!”

What these insights reveal is that there are so many ways to get into hospitality and to prosper in the industry. No two methods are the same. But irrespective of how you structure your day, if you have passion and determination, you should have no problem succeeding in hospitality!

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