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Hiring Millennials: The New Apps & Websites on the Block

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Millennials provide a great source of employees for the hospitality industry. They’re usually happy to do shift work, have flexible hours, and bring plenty of energy to the workplace.


Given the fact that this generation has some unique characteristics and needs, it’s a good idea to tailor the hiring process to their habits. This is the internet generation – so think about how millennials might be searching for jobs. Chances are they’ll be using a mobile device – which is why apps are a great way to secure some quality staff.

Why hire millennials

So what makes millennials good staff assets?

Younger generations are typically students or have fewer commitments than those who have settled down a little more. That means with millennials, you may find it easier to find staff willing to work late or irregular hours. They’d likely be more open to working weekend shifts or be put on a rotating roster.

As a bonus, millennials are fairly adept at technology, which means they can adapt to various systems – including a potentially complicated POS system – with ease. This means a lot in the modern age where point of sales systems and the in-store mobile experience are taking over.

Businesses that use modern job search apps (many of which can be integrated with Impos) may find they’re able to source the staff they need with minimal fuss.


Found is a large job platform built for job seekers and employers in Australia. You’ll find over 150,000 job seekers here, a large proportion of them millennials. You simply create an ad for your business and tell potential employees what you are all about.

After that, all you need do is wait for people to start contacting you. The app also has a convenient chat box you can use to start a conversation with suitable candidates.


Like Found, Jora is a job platform that allows millennials to search for any jobs in Australia according to city. This platform’s database is connected with several job websites in Australia, which means you have access to a lot more people. As a business, you can also post a job directly on Jora free of charge.

At the moment, there are over 300,000 jobs available on Jora. It’s an appealing option for millennials, who can job search without even signing up for access to the listings.

Facebook Job Boards

Apart from posting interesting stories, starting conversations and commenting, there is yet another way to look for job candidates on Facebook. Find local Facebook job boards where you can put your own business ad.

Simply put up a job ad describing all the qualifications, duties and expectations you expect from a potential employee. This is where you will be able to expose your business on a local level to people who might be interested in the job you’re offering.

Back up your job listing with a detailed Facebook business page, where potentially candidates can learn more about your business.


OneShift allows employers to see a potential employee’s skills and availability instantly. This is one of the simplest job websites you can find. You only have to post the job you have and watch the software match you with potential employees.

You can even contact them instantly, without any trouble. If you like a candidate, set up an interview. If not, continue to the next applicant until you find a desirable option.


Advertising new positions on your own social channels is a great way to start – you could land yourself a candidate who is a frequent customer and already familiar with the business.

This is a good network you can use to spread brand awareness and simply create a large base of followers for your business. Once you’ve built up your followers, it’s fairly easy to post a call-out for a new applicant and see who responds – a simple and totally free way to spread the message!

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