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Bird’s Nest has gone from strength to strength since established by co-owners Marie Yokoyama and Emi Kamada in 2013, after finding a niche market in the heart of Brisbane.

Bird’s Nest engaged Impos in February 2014. Impos immediately ensured it integrated its POS system to reflect the specific business requirements of Bird’s Nest.

Bird’s Nest has seen significant cost and efficiency savings as a result of using Impos. Business sales increased by 34.81 percent since 2014, and overall operating profit increased by 78.44 percent.

“Impos has really been able to pick things up so quickly, the overall service at the restaurant has been made significantly easier, and as a result, we have been able to turn tables around in a much tighter time frame.”

“The accuracy of the Impos technology has been instrumental in creating efficiencies around company time and overall business costs and the software has provided greater accountability and transparency in operations.”

“For these reasons, Impos has been indispensable to Bird’s Nest and has enabled the business to run smoothly at all times.”