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POS Reporting & Tracking

Get superior POS tracking and reporting when you want it, where you want it, and monitor and track your business sales and growth in real-time. Make the most of your business decisions with Impos POS tracking and reporting.

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Why POS Reporting Is Important For Your Business

Impos provides you with the reports you require as your business grows. Our POS tracking and reporting function allows you to track your business and make changes and adjustments as changes occur.

There’s a wide range of reports available at your fingertips, so you can track any aspect of your business, and see where you can make improvements.

Get real-time reports on your current and forecast inventory and check:

  • Overall sales Profits after markup Sales attributed to each employee

Impos real-time updated reports allow you to see if a new sales tactic is working, or if one of your employees is performing particularly well on any day you choose, without having to wait until close. Using this information, you can address any issues as they arise and even change tack to increase sales by the end of the day.


With the Impos POS tracking and reporting system, your sales are synced to your central POS terminal, with all sales data stored in your central database. This means less paperwork, less hassle, and smoother accounting processes when you need them.


Get to really know your customers. Our POS reporting and tracking software lets you access customer information when and where you need it, so you can use their past order history to forecast future orders.

This lets you tailor your service specifically to each customer, increasing your sales potential, and giving your customers a better, more personalised service experience.

Track your POS with our web reports

Utilise a variety of POS reports on different parts of your business that have been specially designed for the hospitality industry, using Impos POS Web Reports.

Impos provides you with all the reports you need to fully understand and optimise your business. With over 80 sets of reports available, which all export out to Excel and PDF for any time or date range available, you can control your business like never before.

You can get:

  • Live payment reports
    Transaction reports
    Display reports
    Membership reports
    Sales performance reports

With so many options on offer, Impos Web Reports let you get to the real heart of your business.

If your mobile is web-enabled you can also live-stream POS reporting on your business, wherever you are. Get the advantage of web-based reporting over any web browser, with all data streaming live, over a secure location—it’s quick, easy, and gives you control wherever you go.

Better understand your business with Impos Analytics

Impos Analytics is a powerful business intelligence tool for the POS world. Advanced reports allow you to slice and dice your data the way you want. You can:

  • Develop your own custom reports
  • Schedule your reports to be emailed to you
  • Visualise your reports in animated linked charts
  • Monitor your performance at a glance

View and strip your data to make your business make more sense. Impos Analytics help you to better understand your business by allowing you to make informed decisions that will see your venue thrive. Get better use of your sales data and understand your business better.

Your transactions are synchronised immediately as they happen, from the local server database to the cloud, and are available via the reporting platform, on any desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Compare site trends with multi-site reporting

Impos Analytics allows for venues with multiple sites to streamline your business reporting. POS reports provided by Impos allow you to compare site trends, see profitability, and identify best performing staff and items across individual stores or at an organisational level.

Impos Analytics lets you have multiple sites with individual user permissions and landing pages. Alternatively, you can have multiple sites feeding data into the one database.

Take your business to the next level with Impos multi-site POS reporting.

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