POS Receipt Printers

Keep on top of your orders, print out credit card receipts faster than ever before, and never lose an order docket again with an Impos POS receipt printer.


How Does A POS Receipt Printer Work?

How Does A POS Receipt Printer Work?

Receipt printers are an important part of your Impos POS system, letting you keep track of both your sales and your orders.

Your receipt printer is synced to your POS system, meaning at the click of a button from the POS terminal, you can print credit card receipts, refund receipts, and order dockets for both front-of-house and the kitchen.

Impos ImPRINT Service print software manages each and every job sent to your receipt printer. This sophisticated software package knows if your printer has received the job, and can automatically divert the printing to defined backup printers in the event of print failure or paper being out.

In our experience, no two customers work exactly the same way, so we’ve created a number of different formats and printing options to suit your venue. Whether you’re a fine dining restaurant or fast food cafĂ©, we’ve got an option for your venue.

Items can be grouped into five different course groupings however you choose. They can be consolidated into similar item groups, by, for example, item size or cooking temperature. This is receipt printing at its smartest.

All Impos receipt printers can be tested and configured remotely too, so our support team has you covered.

Benefits Of Our POS Receipt Printers

POS Receipt Printers POS Receipt Printers

Print out both service dockets and credit card receipts at the press of a button, and let your Impos POS receipt printer do the rest. Quick, efficient, and reliable, our printers will make sure you have the right information in an easy-to-read format.

Our POS receipt printing software detects any print failures and diverts print jobs to your defined backup printer, meaning you never have to worry about losing orders. Get more peace of mind and stay on top of your orders with a more efficient service than ever before.

Don’t just choose any old receipt printer—Impos has a POS receipt printer that’s designed for the environment you need.

POS Receipt Printers

Whether it’s the smooth, efficient printing for your front-of-house needs, or the crisp, reliable printing for your busy kitchen, Impos have the right POS receipt printer for you.

These devices will deliver optimum speed and service for your venue, letting you focus on serving your customers and keeping your tables turning.

POS Receipt Printers

Our POS Receipt Printers

Impos POS receipt printers are designed for your venue. We offer both thermal and impact printers, designed to operate in specific service environments.

Epson TM-T88V Thermal Printer

Epson TM-T82 Thermal Printer

Thermal printers use heat and a special form of coated paper to make the information appear on the receipt. They are ideal front-of-house POS receipt printers.

The Epson TM T82 is the industry’s leading POS thermal printer. Fast, reliable, and easy to configure, it’s supported by your Impos POS software. The T88V features fast printing up to 300mm/second, and print options that reduce paper usage up to 30%.

Epson TM-U220 Impact Printer

Epson TM-U220 Impact Printer

Impact printers use a ribbon to push ink onto the paper, thereby making them more reliable in hot, steamy environments, like your kitchen.

The Epson TM-U220 impact receipt printer is compact, reliable and optimised for high-speed printing. It’s designed to work right out of the box with your POS system, so you can get your kitchen ordering up and running in no time.

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