Impos Plus: Complete Point of Sale Systems

Impos Plus is an end-to-end point of sale solution that offers a complete premium POS feature set to suit all of your business needs.

The Premium POS

Impos Plus is a fully featured point of sale solution, especially designed for the hospitality industry. Plus offers the complete feature set of the original Impos product, along with the option of all third-party integrations such as MYOB, Deputy, ResDiary, Yellowfin, PayPal, Xero, PC Eftpos, Tyro and Hey You.

With the addition of Rostering, Advanced Reports and a new UI, Impos Plus is the current Impos system in a new, more evolved state. Impos Plus also includes Front Office, Back Office, Membership, Delivery and the Inventory Module from the original Impos system. More than just a POS, Impos Plus is full suite of products that run your business, end-to-end.

This premium enterprise POS is a fast, effective and durable system that is compatible with all iPad and Windows products, along with multiple payments and printing products.

Impos Plus Screen 2 Impos Plus Screen 2

With Impos Plus you will be offered high-level customer service.

All customer-facing Impos employees have extensive hospitality experience, and our techs work around the clock to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand that time is money and a fast and reliable premium POS is imperative with running a successful business.

Impos’ Fully Charged Features & Functions

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Menu design, table management & kitchen messaging functionalities are just the beginning. Discover Impos’ full range of features tailored to hospitality businesses.

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