Nightclub POS Systems

The Impos nightclub point of sale system is perfect for your venue, giving you the speed, power, and service ability to keep your customers coming back for more.

How POS Systems Can Benefit Your Nightclub

Impos arose out of Melbourne’s hospitality scene, meaning our POS features are designed with your nightclub in mind. From reporting to accounting, stock management, rostering and payments, Impos POS has your venue covered.

Speed up your lines

Speed up your lines

YNightclubs need a faster POS system than any other industry segment, which is where Impos delivers.

With quick navigation through the customised menu designs, smooth and speedy payments, and simple but effective functions, your new nightclub POS system will finalise each drink payment in a matter of moments, keeping your drinks flowing and your business growing.

Easier payments

Easier payments

Impos and dedicated EFTPOS banking provider Tyro have joined forces to bring your club a simpler EFTPOS payment solution.

This integration eliminates the need for double entries and reduces cash handling. You can make keying errors a thing of the past. Make your end-of-shift reconciling easy with the Impos club POS system.

Better inventory and stock management

Better inventory and stock management

Our nightclub POS ordering system makes it possible to track the items you sell, from your supplier through to your customers, so you can keep on top of your margins and run your venue with less stress.

Creating stock order sheets and monitoring variance reports can be done in seconds, meaning less time spent accounting and more time for fun.

A system that does it all

A system that does it all

Checking staff sales and the big number for the night is available from your nightclub POS printer. Web reporting and inventory reports are available to check off deliveries and manage contra stock, so your venue is getting the margins it needs.

Your staff can clock on and off on your club POS software with the swipe of a card, meaning you can manage your staff and your rostering at the same time.

Why Australian Nightclubs Choose Impos

Quick service designed for you

Quick service designed for you

The Impos nightclub POS system is quick, simple, and intuitive, so you can keep up with the high speed demands of your club.

Our tablet and iPad POS options give your customers the quickest payment processing available. Keep the drink lines moving and your customers dancing with the quickest service in town.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Training your staff couldn’t be easier. Cut down on training time with a menu configured by you, that’s purpose-designed for your club.



Take the eternal headache out of rostering with Impos’ integrated rostering and scheduling programs.

Our nightclub POS software lets you:

  • Create rosters based on historical forecasts
  • Automatically swap or fill shifts
  • Create accurate budgets
  • Integrate your payroll details with ease

That leaves you with more time to serve your customers.

Security tailored to your needs

Security tailored to your needs

In our inventory software, your drinks measurements can be configured to the millilitre to make sure your levels meet your expectations every stocktake.

This, combined with our authority access, means that only authorised staff are using the right features so your stock and finances are secure.

Your club’s POS can be synced to our security camera solution, available to be accessed from your venue and anywhere with a secure connection.

Nightclubs benefiting from the Impos point of sale system

Impos is the leading nightclub POS of choice for the club scene. The following industry-leading venues use Impos for a complete end-to-end solution for all their point of sale needs:

  • Baroq House
  • Billboard The Venue
  • Botique
  • Red Love

Hospitality POS Buyer’s Guide

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Impos provides a POS system that is packed with heaps of features made for the hospitality industry. Find out why it’s the POS system Australian venues love to use.

Our POS Support

Nightclubs don’t sleep, so neither do we. We stay up late to make sure you’re backed up with around the clock support and a team of industry professionals who offer effective advice on how to best work your nightclub POS system.

Choose your support

You can choose from our business hours support or our premium and platinum 24/7 support packages.

You can choose to opt out of support after 12 months is up, but 95% of our customers either continue or upgrade their service after this period.

And with an average wait time of under three minutes, you know that our technicians will be there for you, whenever you call.

How we support you

Our nightclub POS service and POS support staff average more than nine years of hospitality experience, so you’ll be talking to someone who knows IT back to front, and who understands how your club works.

Our team can instantly access your POS system remotely, ensuring we provide you with the best POS support and POS servicing in the industry. We take pride in this commitment to you, and we promise to always uphold it.

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